About Melissa

My name is Melissa Moran and I am a 25 year old living and working in Cork, Ireland. I am a qualified beauty and body therapist, nail technician and makeup artist with a huge love for all things beauty related... obviously!

Shortly after graduating from college I went on the hunt for a beauty job but naturally enough everywhere hiring wanted experience. So how do you get someone to hire you with no experience? I took matters into my own hands and transformed a spare guest bedroom upstairs in my own home into a salon which I called 'Mel's Makeovers'. I was so busy, particularly with nails, tanning and waxing and this in turn helped me to attain jobs in beauty salons.

Anyways long story short after two years or so I decided to move to Cork to live with my other half, Josh. It broke my heart to leave behind my little salon but I knew bigger and better things were ahead. Each and every day I got messages from former clients and followers of the 'Mel's Makeovers' social media accounts saying that they missed my beauty tips and my updates etc and so Lipstick And Louboutins was born. I decided to change the name to suit myself, my current situation and what the blog would contain, lots and lots of beauty and fashion.

Since starting my blog I have gained in knowledge, experience, contacts but most importantly I have gained some fabulous friends. The blogging community for me has always been a very open, helpful and supportive one. As mad as this sounds you also get very used to your followers. I have many, many loyal followers that I have shared so much of my life with and that in itself is a nice feeling. 

I really hope you enjoy my blog. If there is something you would like to see featured or if you have a question about anything then feel free to contact me via email at lipstickandlouboutinsblog@gmail.com. 



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