Thursday, 5 April 2018


Hello lovelies.

Tonight's blog post is all about the new CND Vinylux Boho Spirit Collection. You all know by now how much I LOVE and adore CND Vinylux so when this new collection arrived on my desk I had to try them and take pics. The Oxford dictionaries definition of bohemian is 'a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts' which is incredibly fitting because I feel so inspired by this collection to make some beautiful nail art designs. 

CND Vinylux Vagabond

I was not expecting to like this shade as much as I do. In the bottle it wasn't really calling out to me but when I applied it, it looked gorgeous!! It's a sandy blonde kinda barley shade and is a welcome break from nudes and baby pinks. It's still subtle but something a little different from the usual shades I wear. 

CND Vinylux Uninhibited

Uninhibited is the prettiest peach shade I think CND have ever made. It's warm, vibrant and perfect for Summer. Initially I thought it was similar to another shade called Salmon Run but it has a touch more of an orange tone to it. This shade will be absolutely beautiful throughout Spring and Summer. Can you just imagine it with a tan? 

CND Vinylux Offbeat

Soooo I have saved my favourite shade for last. Offbeat is a really lovely deep coral shade. I am wearing it on my hands and my toes and it is Summer heat in a bottle. It is a real earthy, vibrant shades which for me stands out a mile in the collection. I am doing my tan tonight and cannot wait to see this colour pop against it. 

As I mentioned above this collection has really inspired me to create some nail art designs. I'm thinking flowers, dream catchers and glitter. Keep an eye on my social media accounts for those images. So what is your favourite shade in the collection? 

Melissa x


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