Monday, 5 February 2018


Primark PHr

So Primark or Penneys as we know them in Ireland recently launched a new line in their already amazing PS Beauty range. It is called the PHr range which stands for Perform, Hydrate, Recovery and it designed for use before or after a workout. If you aren't a gym goer or someone who works out then don't worry because neither am I but we can obviously still use it to see us through our busy days smudge and shine free!

The new PHr range consists of eleven products including a primer, a liquid liner, a mascara, a cooling setting spray and many more. I was sent out some bits from Penneys for my consideration and after using them for a few weeks I have condensed and compiled my thoughts on them below. 

Primark PHr Perform Hydrate Recover Waterproof Mascara

So the first product I tried was the mascara. I was just intrigued by the squeezable packaging and had to try it out. Any of you who follow me on my snapchat account (liploublog) or my instagram (lipstickandlouboutins) will have seen videos of me wearing the mascara including before and after images. For €2.50 it is a really, really good mascara. It is jet black and gives that gorgeous defined line to the base of the lashes. When applied from root to tip it gives really good length aswell. I find I always get the best results when I curl my lashes, apply mascara, allow the lashes dry fully and then curl them again. My bottom eyelashes in particular LOVE it. 

Primark PHr Perform Hydrate Recover Lipstick With Hydrating Core

I have super dry lips which regular readers of my blog will know because I have mentioned it loads in the past and my lips love these lipsticks. They are like a lipstick and a lip balm in one. The hydrating core keeps the lips soft and hydrating and the outer shade adds a subtle colour to the lips. The shade I have pictured above it called 'Bliss' and it is a really nice, delicate brown colour. 

Primark PHr Perform Hydrate Recover Hydrating Highlighter Stick

The minute I saw this highlighter I loved both it's big chunky size and the gorgeous champagne colour. One or two dabs blended out on the top of the cheekbones and a quick sweep across your collar bones instantly gives an illuminating lift. It's also gorgeous down the centre of the leg and set in place on a night out or a special occasion. It is really, really similar to Benefit Cosmetics Watts Up which I have used for years. I actually think it's the first highlighter I ever bought so it's great to have a similar, budget friendly option. 

Primark PHr Perform Hydrate Recover Redness Reducing Primer

I saved my favourite for last. This primer smells AMAZING and is so cooling on the skin. I honestly had kind of given up on primers because I don't get long to do my makeup anymore. It's usually a slap it on and run out the door job but this primer has made me have a change of heart. My makeup definitely sits better and lasts longer over the primer so I am going to continue using it. It literally feels like silk under the foundation and the scent is quite uplifting. 

There are many more products available in the PHr range instore now. I definitely plan on picking up more. I was in there the other day and the whole makeup section was CRAZY busy!! I might do a PHr part two blog post.

Let me know if you have tried anything from the range and what you thought.



  1. First impression: lip balm/stick dries out my lips even when lips weren't dry to begin with.Looks.good but big fail.

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