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Catwalk HQ is an Irish brand who use science and innovation to create luxurious (and amazing) products. All of the products available in the range are manufactured in Ireland with the finest ingredients making them a super food for your skin. I have been testing out their entire range and I am going to give you all the full report.

Catwalk HQ Self Tan Mousse

I have used the Catwalk HQ Self Tan Mousse in both medium and dark. I don't really have a preference because I kind of chose which one I want according to occasion. For example if I was going on a night out, to a blogging event or to a wedding I would most likely wear that dark shade and would leave the medium for everyday wear. They both give a really gorgeous, natural looking tan. There is absolutely no orange tones whatsoever. If you are torn between medium and dark I would suggest going for the medium. If you feel it isn't dark enough the following day you can always top it up. 

Usually with a mousse tan you have to work quite quickly to rub it in because it dries so fast but with the Catwalk HQ you get a decent amount of time to work it around and get it even. The Catwalk HQ Self Tan Mousse contain extracts which are high in anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and superfoods so it's almost like a tan and a skin treatment in one. Some of the main ingredients include Aloe Vera, Raspberry Extract, Goji Berry Extract  and Ginkgo Biloba Extract. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid which is a moisture binding ingredient that keeps the skin both plump and hydrated. 

This is my before and after of the Catwalk HQ Self Tan Mousse in medium. I have to apologise for the quality of the image. It was late so my lighting was poor and it was taken on a phone as my camera was broken!!

I always apply my Catwalk HQ Self Tan Mousse at night time and then rinse off the guide colour the following morning. If you see some of the colour rinsing away, don't panic!! That is totally normal and your finished result will look all the better. The wear off of the Catwalk HQ Self Tan Mousse is actually pretty impressive. I have worn it almost ten times at this stage and it just continuously lightens until it fades completely. I have never had any patchy areas and I don't always keep it moisturised. As one of my beauty clients once said to me ''Sure you'd be up all night if you were to rub in all the creams you're meant to.'' She had a point! I reckon it's the Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid that keeps it fading well. 

Catwalk HQ Self Tanning Lotion

The Catwalk HQ Self Tanning Lotion is new to the Catwalk range and I have been testing it out to keep you all in the know! The past three of four tans I have used have all been mousse tans so it felt a bit odd using a lotion. Similarly to the Catwalk HQ Self Tan Mousse the lotion contains Aloe Vera, Raspberry Extract, Goji Berry Extract and Ginkgo Biloba Extract. It applies like actual liquid silk and dries in fully in 1-2 minutes. I think if you have drier skin that this would be amazing for you as the lotion won't stick to any dry patches. 

One thing I have noticed about the lotion is that is makes your skin glow!! It literally looked like I had applied some kind of skin illuminator or highlighter with it. I got so many compliments and questions when I was wearing it. I have my before and after results below. I got a stronger colour with the medium lotion than I did with the medium mousse because I was a alot more generous with it when I was applying it.

This is my super pale before pic...

...and this is my golden bronzed after picture taken the morning after application.

Catwalk HQ Self Tan Remover

I had never used a self tan remover before trying out the Catwalk HQ Self Tan Remover. I had used body scrubs, body sugar and lots of different ones but never a specific self tan remover. The Catwalk HQ Self Tan Remover uses a unique blend of intense moisturising agents to help soften unwanted and stubborn tan. Catwalk HQ have combined these moisturising agents with powerful but natural mango and papaya enzymes to exfoliate dead skin cells and promote cellular renewal. 

The instructions state that you need to generously apply the self tan remover to dry skin and massage it in causing a lather. Next you need to leave it ten minutes and then use exfoliating gloves to rinse it off. Initially I wasn't sure about the ten minutes thing but in the interest of product testing I gave it a go. So, I have used the Catwalk HQ Self Tan Remover three times. The first time I used my ten minutes to catch up on emails and texts, the second time I cleaned my bathroom and just yesterday when I used it I painted my toenails and applied a face mask so those ten minutes can totally be productive!

So I bet I know what you are all thinking... is it worth the ten minutes? I have to say it absolutely 100% is because I have never in my life removed a tan with such ease and comfort in my life. The directions say to use exfoliating gloves but I honestly think even a rub of a face cloth would have removed my tan for me. It just rinsed away. The biggest plus for me was that it was so sooo kind to my skin. Normally after I scrub off my tan my skin is red raw but the Catwalk HQ Self Tan Remover is amazing!! I usually apply my tan again straight away after my shower when previously I would of had to wait over night to allow my skin come right. 

Catwalk HQ Self Tan Mitt

The Catwalk HQ Self Tan Mitt has a super soft almost velour finish. I way prefer this kind of mitten opposed to the sponge one as I find there is little to no product wastage. The sponge ones tend to soak up the product. The fact that it is double sided and the thumb area helps alot with awkward areas and angles when applying your tan. It differs to other similar mitts because it actually has a waterproof internal protection layer to stop the tan soaking through the mitt and onto your hand. It is easy to clean and reusable. Initially it is a little more expensive than the sponge mitts but it gives a far better finish and you will have it much, much longer than the others. 

My Tips For Tanning Hands & Feet

So I have seen many different tips and tricks online for correctly tanning hands and feet. They are the most difficult to get right and can often be the giveaway that you are faking it. I am qualified in spray tanning and even when doing them the area to pay extra care to is hands and feet. I have seen many use a makeup brush but what I like to do is a little different. I would tan my arm first and then with whatever is left on the mitt I will carefully rub onto my hand and fingers. I will then wait a minute or two and massage in a small amount of hand cream paying extra attention to knuckles, between fingers and where your hand meets your wrist. Doing this always gives me a flawless tanned hands. Apply the same method to your feet. 

Image result for giveaway
If you have followed through from my Facebook page you will know about my amazing giveaway with Catwalk HQ. They have very kindly given my one of each of their products to giveaway to one of my followers. The prize will include a mousse, a lotion, the new remover and a tanning mitt. Whoever the lucky winner is will be sorted for tan for months!

If you want to enter just pop over to my Facebook page (Lipstick And Louboutins Blog) and all the details are there. The giveaway will start as soon as this post is published and will end on Monday February 26th. The winner will be randomly selected as always using woobox.

If you have any questions about the Catwalk HQ products just shout and I will get back to you. You can also check out their online store here. They have some amazing bundle deals that will save you money if you are interested in trying out their products. 



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