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CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

This blog post is a long time promised but I wanted to make sure it was perfect before I hit that publish button. CND (Creative Nail Design) is a brand I am very passionate about due to my background as a beauty therapist and nail technician. CND are the company behind the famous CND Shellac and of course CND Vinylux Weekly Polish which we will be focusing on today.
So what is CND Vinylux Weekly Polish?

CND Vinylux is a weekly polish that when applied correctly can last you up to seven days which is pretty impressive. It won't chip, gives a really high shine and dries super quick. It is a salon quality polish that can be applied and removed at home. It is available in a HUGE variety of shades, most of which are also available in CND Shellac. Below I am going to share my application technique and some tips and tricks to help you get the most from your CND Vinylux Weekly Polish manicure. This is a very much tried and tested method from all my years in salons and personal use at home. 

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CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Step By Step.


Step One
Remove any existing nail polish with an acetone based nail polish remover and file your nails into the desired shape.

Step Two
If you wish to and you are comfortable enough to do it at home now is the time to do a little cuticle work. Pushing back the cuticle a little (if necessary) exposes more of the nail plate so your nails look longer and it gives a neater finish. Again if you are confident enough to do it at home you can also use a cuticle nippers to trim excess cuticle. Rinse your hands with soap and water.

Step Three
The last step is the nail preparation routine is to cleanse and temporarily dehydrate the nail plate to purify the nail plate and to remove any surface contaminants. I do this with the CND Scrubfresh however I think that is only available to nail professionals. An alternative would be available in salon suppliers or failing that you could use 100% pure acetone.

NOTE: CND Vinylux Weekly Polish does not need a base coat as it is self adhering and won't stain your nail plate. However if you have imperfections or ridges on your nails that you will like to disguise you could include the CND RIDGEFX Nail Surface Enhancer here. It has been designed to work with the CND Vinylux Weekly Polish range. 

Step Four
Shake the bottle well prior to application and apply one thin layer of colour to the nail plate. It is very important to keep the layers thin as they dry much faster. When this layer is fully dry I apply a second layer and on occasion a third to get the true colour to come through. Some of the nudes and baby pinks need a third coat to give the full effect. 

Step Five
Finally when your colour layers are absolutely 100% definitely dry then you can apply your CND Weekly Polish Top Coat. This top coat will lock in the colour helping to prevent chipping and will give such a high shine. It uses natural light to give your gorgeous nail paint increased durability therefor making it last longer.

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Tips And Tricks

  • Applying thin layers of polish and allowing each layer to dry before applying the next means that your nail paint will dry all the quicker as a result.
  • In my opinion and in my experience thin layers of colour are far less likely to chip, lift or peel as a heavy, thick layer would. 
  • When applying your CND Vinylux Weekly Polish colour layers and your CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Top Coat I would always recommend sealing it in at the tip of the nail by running your brush along the free edge of the nail. Doing this sort of locks it all in and helps increase the longevity of your nail paint.
Unlike CND Shellac which ideally needs to be removed in a salon by a trained CND professional CND Vinylux can be easily removed at home using an acetone based nail varnish remover. Most nail varnish removers will contain acetone unless other wise stated. If you are unsure just check the ingredients and acetone is usually first. 

I appreciate the step by step guide I have above may seem a little long winded but when you are actually doing it they are super quick and easy steps that will eventually become second nature to you. I can hand on heart recommend the CND Vinylux Weekly Polish because I have been lucky enough to use it so much over the years. Generally I will get between seven and ten days with my CND Vinylux Weekly Polish manicure but everyone is different. From using it in a salon I have seen some women get a little less and some get more, it just depends on your lifestyle and condition of your nails. 

Some of my favourite shades are Cakepop, Winter Glow, Nude Knickers, Field Fox, Married To The Mauve and Tinted Love if you wish to have a little look at them. They are a little pricier than your usual grab off the shelf polish but in my opinion they are so, soooo worth it. Also you only have to purchase the CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat once and you will have it for ages.

I purchase my CND Vinylux Weekly Polish from the nail professional suppliers however I have sourced an adorable salon called Millies in Co. Kildare who stock the CND Vinylux Weekly Polish who my sister has been to loads and loves. (I wouldn't blindly recommend them). If you wish to find an alternative stockist or locate a salon to have your nails done professionaly you can do that on www.lovecnd.com

If you have any questions about the CND Vinylux Weekly Polish you can pop a comment below or you can get me on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. Failing that you are welcome to drop me an email. 



  1. Awesome tips of using nail police. to keep a nail looking beauty is good. And care lip is also good so create a article about Liquid Matte Lipstick lo let us know how to take a lip care.

  2. I'm also a fan of Vinylux polish. I wasn't sure if I should let last coat of polish completly dry before applying top coat. So thanks for describtion and tips. I'm looking for for nude Vinylux polish. I have Field Fox, but is too dark and too grey for my pale skin. I wonder if you can recommend another color. You mentioned Nude Knickers, will it do the job? Or will be similar to Field Fox? Or should I try Cashmere Wrap or Skin Tease? In my country Vinylux is only accesible through internet shops and they won't take returns.

    1. Awe that's no problem. I use the polishes pretty much everyday so I am so used to them. Nude Knickers would be a good call but it will require three thin layers of colour to get the full result. Naked Nauvette is another good shade. It's more of a white nude but it's lovely. I haven't tried Skin Tease yet but it does look beautiful x


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