Monday, 3 April 2017

Cocoa Brown Ice Goddess Shimmering Dry Face & Body Oil

When the Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Shimmering Dry Body Oil landed it was a HUGE hit! It is so good even Khloe Kardashian is a fan! Following the original Golden Goddess in keeping with trends last year Cocoa Brown launched their sister product Rose Gold Goddess. It was equally as gorgeous as the original and it gave that deep shimmering glow. 

Recently Marissa and her Cocoa Brown team announced Ice Goddess which is completely unlike the others shade wise. It gives your skin that stunning icy, almost violet shimmer which Marissa predicts to be huge in the beauty world this year. Honestly I am obsessed with it. I use it down the centre of my legs, on my forearms, my collar bone, I even mix it in with my primer to give my skin a glowing, dewy base. I also use it to highlight my cheekbones and it literally glows!!! 

Top image shows my skin before applying the Cocoa Brown Ice Goddess and the bottom image shows the after... that glow though!!

Marissa's Ice Goddess Tips For Perfectly Illuminated Skin

  • Use the Ice Goddess Oil as a primelighter. Primelight by adding a layer of Goddess Oil to your face before your foundation to reflect the light and brighten dull skin. Ice Goddess Oil has violet undertones which particularly helps lift and brighten dull skin, notoriously more common in Winter months. Ice Goddess can be applied on any body part that you would like to highlight and brighten, cheekbones, collarbones and down the front of your shins.
  • Cocoa Brown Goddess Oils have been used by some of the most famous celebrities and makeup artists in the world to highlight cheekbones, shoulders and decolletage and to give the face and body a glow that photographs incredibly.
  • Mix it up! Add a few drops of your Ice Goddess to your body moisturiser to create a subtle shimmer all over.

Initially Cocoa Brown Ice Goddess was only available as part of a Goddess Collection but now due to demand it is available to purchase alone as a 50ml product. Woohoo!! I think Ice Goddess might be my favourite of the three Cocoa Brown shimmering body oils although it is very difficult to decide!! Almost like picking a favourite child.

Earlier today Cocoa Brown launched two new and exciting products, a brand new Cocoa Brown Velvet Tanning Mitt AND the long awaited extra dark 1hour mousse!! I couldn't make the launch (which looked amazing) but I am looking forward to trying them out. I usually apply two layers of the dark shade but now the one layer will do. 

Image result for cocoa brown extra dark shade

You can pick up the Cocoa Brown Ice Goddess 50ml in your nearest Penneys or you can purchase it as part of the Cocoa Brown Goddess Collection here.


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