Tuesday, 11 April 2017

5 Irish Blogger's Instagram Accounts I LOVE!

First up is Lauren Arthurs from fashion, travel and lifestyle blog Love Lauren. Her Instagram account is FLAWLESS!! Like there are no words for how perfect it is. I love her minimalist makeup look, her effortless but gorgeous style and she is like the nicest person ever. She will make Penneys clothing look designer, it's actually ridiculous (in a good way obviously)!! 

You can check out Lauren's blog here and her instagram here

Next up is my blogger bestie Kate from beauty and fashion blog Pure Irish Sugar and travel blog Where To Next Darling? Kate's instagram account is a mix of her style, her beauty tips and it also gives an insight into her career. She has recently started working with a photographer and some amazing clothing brands which took her instagram game to another level. I know, I know I am slightly bias because we are friends but her social media and blog are full of quality content.

You can check out Kate's blog here and her Instagram here.

Joanne Larby aka. The Makeup Fairy and CEO of EnchantByJL is a woman that I LOVE to follow on instagram purely for her work ethic, dedication and attitude to life. She gives off these never give up vibes and isn't afraid to be herself which is so admirable in my opinion. Personally I am not really into exercise or healthy eating (don't kill me) but I still get so much from Joanne's blog and social media as she covers such a wide variety of topics. If I am ever feeling a bit low or a bit defeated her content is a fantastic motivator and mood booster.

You can check out Joanne's blog here and her Instagram here

I started following Lisa from Just Jordan way back in her early days of blogging and it has been amazing to watch her blog grow. I love how her instagram offers style inspiration using both budget and designer brands. She's the kinda woman that can throw on a BB Cream and a bit of lipstick and look unreal. I'm also loving the injection of pink the arrival of her little princess has brought to her instagram.

You can check out Lisa's blog here and her instagram here.

Erin is a blogger and a YouTuber from Chasing Ruby Chat. I love checking out her instagram for really colourful, gorgeous eye makeup looks and stunning flatlays. I have bumped into her up and down at events and she is super friendly. She's the kind of person you feel like you know for years when you are chatting her. She covers makeup tutorials for all styles and tastes so definitely check her instagram out.

You can check out Erin's blog here and her instagram here.

I could have added soooo many more people to this list. I actually found it difficult to condense down to five to be honest. I would love to know who you guys follow and why!


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