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Why I LOVE Blogging + Blogging Q&A!

Hi lovelies.

Today's blog post is one have been thinking about for quite a while now to be honest. It has been in my drafts and edited and changed so many times but I have finally hit the publish button!! Basically I am sharing my blogging experience and blogging journey with you all while outlining my favourite things about the industry.

The friendships I have made.

I'm gonna start with one of the biggest reasons which is the friendships I have made through blogging and I mean genuine friendships. Through blogging I have been able to meet some incredible like minded women that I love bumping into and having the chats with.

It has built up my confidence.

Blogging has really helped me with my confidence. Like I never had a massive lack of confidence but it has definetly been improved by pushing myself out of my comfort zones. 

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It has majorly improved my photography skills.

My photography skills have improved 10,000% as a result of blogging. When I compare photos from when I started blogging to now the difference is insane!! These skills can be applied to my whole life eg. family events, baby photos etc. not just "Ooooh I take a deadly picture of a lipstick."

Press/Media features.

Now lets not get excited here. We are talking small features where I was photograped at an event or a mention for a blog post I have written. However without blogging that never would have happened. 

I LOVE going to events.

I love, love, LOVE going to events. I'm not a big going out on a Saturday night person anymore really so going to product launches or press events is a decent chunk of my social life. Sure look, it's an excuse to get dressed up, eat and mingle with like minded people then whats not to love. Also 99.9% of the time there will be prosecco and gorgeous food!!! 

Tackling web design.

I knew NOTHING about creating or designing a website when I started blogging and I mean I knew diddly!! Through blogging I have learned so much about branding, design, creating content etc. and I have a hell of a lot more to learn. 


A hell of a lot of work goes into creating a blog post but it is also a lot of fun. I don't blog unless I am enjoying it. If I sit down and I am struggling to get the words out then I don't bother because I know it won't be my best work. I treat every single post as if it is a paid or sponsored post that way you will do it to the highest standard. Through blogging I have learned so much about creating online content, graphics and putting them all together to make a unique blog post.

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Time Management and Deadlines.

Something I am really trying to work on at the moment is my time management and meeting deadlines for blog posts that I have set myself. I watch a lot less TV than I used to and I try to use my time more productively. If Josh is driving I will type up a blog post on my phone, during my lunch hour at work I might do some work on a post and things like that. Like I said it is still something I am working on but something that can be applied to many aspects of life. 

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''All the makeup I buy is for blog research Josh... I swear!''

This is always a great excuse for my makeup and beauty purchases. I always like to keep on top of current beauty trends and men just don't understand that we need all of the makeup. I swear the manager of my local Boots and Debenhams smile when they see me coming!!

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Blogging gives you a voice.

Blogging gives you a platform and your own little space on the internet to express your thoughts and your experiences. Whether you blog about makeup, food, travel, music whatever blogging is a great way to get your voice heard.

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Earlier this week on my Snapchat (liploublog) I asked you all to send me in any questions who had about blogging and I would include them in this post. There was quite a lot of them but I have narrowed it down to the most common ones.

How do I start a blog?

Anyone with internet access can start a blog! Every single blogger in the world started from scratch. Some things to consider are number one what is your blog going to be about, number two what are you going to call your blog and number three research and pick a platform. My friend Kate aka. Pure Irish Sugar wrote a deadly blog post ''Tips for starting a blog'' which you can read here.

What made me want to start my blog?

So basically when I lived at home I had my own little salon and through Facebook I promoted it and always popped up little beauty tips and tricks. When I made the decision to move to Cork I obviously closed my salon and adjoining social media. I got so many messages from women asking me questions and saying how much they missed the page that I decided to rebrand and start my own blog.

What do you not like about blogging?

There actually isn't really something I don't like about blogging. I suppose if I HAD to pick something it would be how far I am from Dublin and all the events that I get invited to but miss out on because of distance and work commitments but hopefully that will change with our upcoming house move. 

How do you get sent free stuff?

Press samples or ''free stuff'' are sent out by PR's, brands or individuals to a blogger or an influencer in the hope that they will use it, like it and feature it on their website and/or social media. Honestly I thought long and hard about including this question because it can be such a touchy subject. Having a blog doesn't give anybody immediate access to press samples. If you start a blog for this reason and this reason only then you are going to find it difficult to continue. Yes it is fantastic getting press samples but they come after a lot of time, dedication and hard work. Then when they day comes that they do start to land on your doorstep they are followed with time, dedication and hard work so you have to be willing to put in the ground work and have a general love for the blogging industry to survive. 

Who is your favourite blogger?

Honestly I don't have one favourite blogger but two that stick out in my mind are Lauren Arthurs aka. Love Lauren for her flawless Instagram and incredible, effortless style and Joanne Larby aka. The Makeup Fairy for her motivation, work drive and just her positive outlook on life. If I was to tell you guys about all the blogs I read or follow on social media I would write an essay!!

I hope you all enjoyed this little insight into my personal experiences as a blogger. It felt really good to throw down my thoughts and share them with you all.


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