Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A Little Life Update

Hello lovelies

Todays post is just a chatty one and a little life update as I have some exciting news to share with you all.

So most of you know but for those who don't I am originally from Offaly and I moved to Cork about four years ago to live with my deadly other half, Josh. While I have enjoyed my time living in Cork home sickness has well and truly kicked in. It used to come and go but it has been a constant heavy weight for the past few months so Josh and I made the big decision to move our little family back up to Offaly. 
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It is bittersweet for me to be honest. Obviously I am really looking forward to being back home but I have made some amazing friends down in Cork that I will really miss. (HI ANNE)! :) Not only that but I have a brilliant job with the best collegues and the nicest management ever but I need to be back home.

You're probably wondering now "Well if she has friends and loves her job why is she moving?". Well where I grew up is a really special place. It is in the absolute back of beyonds in the country but it is my home and it is where I want Jake to grow up. I had a fantastic childhood surrounded by family, friends and neighbours and I want that for Jake to. I come from the kind of place where you don't knock on your neighbours door, you just walk in and let a roar to see who is home! 

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The top picture here was taken by my mammy about 20 years ago on a crappy disposable camera. The bottom one of Jake and I was taken a few months ago by my sister. It is the very same field!!
Moving back to Offaly also means I will be closer to Dublin which will be really good for my blog. The majority of beauty launches and press events happen in the capital so it will be easier for me to get to them now. It also means I will (hopefully) have my sisters and my friends to take my blog photos for me so Josh you are hereby make redundant. He HATES taking my photos for me. So yeah, that's my big new. I'm not expecting or engaged or launching my own brand but I am making a massive decision to improve my life and my families life. 

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The loves of my life!! 
Nothing about Lipstick And Louboutins Blog is going to change, well maybe it will for the better but I am really excited for this new chapter of our lives. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the likes, comments, support and love. 

Oh I just want to add if you are an experienced beautician in the North Cork area looking for work email me for more details because whoever replaces me is going into a great job with a deadly team of people.



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