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The ULTIMATE Christmas Beauty Gift Guide!!

OH MY GOD it's almost Christmas!! I actually cannot believe it. Today I have compiled quite a long but hopefully a very helpful gift guide for your mum, sister, friend, girlfriend or whoever. 

All the gifts featured can be purchased from irish owned Meagher's Pharmacy. Meagher's are a family run chain store of pharmacy's who have incredible customer service, a user friendly website and a massive amount of choice which is evident below. You can avail of 15% off your order by entering ''VIP15'' at the checkout. Woohoo!!

If anyone who knows or loves me is reading this then note that the thisworks products are very high on my wishlist. I have been using the thisworks pillow spray for a few weeks now and it is fantastic. It helps me relax, calm the mind and drift off to sleep with a very subtle aromatherapy like scent.

Buy here: 

Since the launch of Suzanne Jackson aka. So Sue Me's brand ''SOSU'' in 2015 she has been going from strength to strength. She has released many beauty products which are all fantastic quality but with affordable price tags. I could possibly build a wall with the amount of contour palettes I have but I reach for the SOSU Complete Contour Palette more than any of the others. It applies smoothly, blends really easily and has everything you need to perfect your contour.

Her highlighting palette is only new out and believe me when I tell you that it glows!! The shimmer of it is literally insane. If you see it grab it because it is flying off the shelves like gold dust. SOSU also stock nail polish, eyelashes and vanity cases.
Buy here:

Every woman NEEDS a Pippa Palette in her life. I have two of them and honestly wouldn't be without it. It contains six really pigmented eyeshadows and three face products, a highlight, a blush and a bronzer. My favourite eyeshadow shades are Tobi for all over and KD to smoke out a winged liner. The highlighter Lulu GLOWS!! The Pippa palette is perfect for creating makeup looks for both day and night. It is the perfect size for travelling also. 
Buy here:

Meagher's Pharmacy also stock the infamous, much coveted stylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Drier. We have one of these in the salon I work in and it is such a time saver. It is incredibly easy and super quick to use. The fact that is cleans your brushes and leaves them bone dry is amazing!

Buy here:

I already own a Cocoa Brown Goddess Collection but if I found another one under my Christmas tree I wouldn't be sending any complaints to the North Pole, likewise with the Cocoa Brown brushes.

The Goddess Collection contains three equally gorgeous but very different shimmering body oils. These oils are multi-use products which is like music to my ears. I love using mine all over to give my tan a bit of sparkle or on my cheeks as highlight. The Cocoa Brown brushes are such a perfect pair. The circular one is perfect for buffing on liquid foundations to a flawless finish and the more oval one is the ideal shape and size for applying cream contour. It just sits perfectly into the hallows of the face.

Buy here:

The Absolute New York ICON Eyeshadow Palettes contain twelve different shades. With three different palettes and the fact that they only cost €16.95 I would be grabbing them as stocking fillers. 
Buy here:
Top left: Exposed palette 

I started using the Faro brushes a few months ago and they really are worth investing in. Thanks to Viviscal I have really thick and long hair which is great BUT it means a lot of drying time. When I use my Faro brushes the time literally atleast halves. The little circular holes on the brush allow the hot air pass through and therefor dries your hair much, much faster. Anytime I use it I always get people complimenting my hair and asking if I wear extensions etc.

Buy here:

There are two things I love, nude eyeshadows and highlighters. Flawless have created a palette ''Natural Basics'' which combines both of these. For those of you who like darker shades there is the smoky palette. For only €19.95 these are the perfect stocking filler or a guilt free ''to me from me'' present! 

Buy here:

Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite budget beauty brands on the market right now. The products pictured above are just a very small selection of what is available from them. With eyeshadow palettes from €5.49 and cream contour palette from €7.99 you really can't go wrong!! You could fill a stocking or a little hamper box full of Makeup Revolutions products for the makeup lover in your life for a very reasonable price.

The Zoella beauty brand is just so pretty. It is young, quirky and the perfect brand for a gifting occasion. I think the range is best suited to teenagers or girls in their early twenties. 

Victoria's Secret have a stunning collection of body mists and body lotions available from Meagher's Pharmacy. I LOVE spraying mine after a shower. My favourite scents are Strawberries And Champagne and Coconut Passion. 

Click here to check out the Victoria's Secret Collection on the Meagher's Pharmacy website.

As previously mentioned all of the links above will direct you straight to the Meagher's Pharmacy website where you can get some more information or make a purchase if you wish. The customer service that Meagher's provide is second to none. 

Meagher's also have a charity drive running at the mo if you would like to make a donation. All details are below. 

Happy shopping and more importantly happy Christmas!!

*This is not a paid or a sponsored post. None of the links in the post are affiliate links.


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