Tuesday, 1 November 2016


So this is my first blog post in almost a month. I am not proud of that fact but life just got crazy busy. In the interest of coming back with a bang and making myself post on a more regular basis I have decided to start a blog series. 

As the title suggests I will be posting my top three of various brands, products, items of clothing etc on a Tuesday.

Now before we start lets just say that this post could very easily have been my top ten sleek products because it is such a good makeup brand. I think they hit the nail on the head over and over again as regards what people want and what is on trend. Their packaging is simple and chic. Not only that but the quality of the products is really really fantastic which is deadly for us considering how affordable the brand is.

This brow kit is one I have gone back to again and again the past few years. I purchased it after seeing many blog posts online comparing it to the infamous Benefit Cosmetics Browzings. I have both and can honestly say that they are EXACTLY the same, the one and only difference being the price tag. Since I purchased my Benefit one they have completely redesigned the packaging but I am guessing the product is the same as always.

The Sleek Brow Kits come in four different shades. I have both dark and extra dark but I use whatever comes to hand to be honest. The shade shown above is dark but if you want to have a closer look at the other shades or purchase the Sleek Brow Kit you can do so here.

I work in a pharmacy where we stock the popular Sleek products and when I saw this highlighter palette was like gold dust I mean it was near impossible to get!! Everyone wanted it and I always had a waiting list of people to phone as soon as the next batch arrived. 

I bought one a few weeks back and I honestly do not know why I left it so long to pick it up because it is deadly!! I use the two shades on the right 99.9% of the time. I never use the top left because I don't love cream highlighters. I was prefer lashing on and layering the powder ones. Hand on heart this palette is worth picking up for those two shades alone! You can check it out here.

So the day these landed into work I bought four of them. Obviously I hid them in my handbag so that himself wouldn't hit the roof but I just couldn't help myself. One shade that really got my attention is the one shown below, Shabby Chic. It is the most gorgeous pink, mauve shade I have ever seen and it just lasts and lasts so well. I have often applied this in the morning and it is still perfect that evening when I am removing my makeup.

There is lots of shades available in the Sleek MakeUp Ultra Smooth Matte Me Lip Cream. You can check them out here.

In the interest of transparency I just want to highlight that all products featured in this blog post were purchased by me.


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