Tuesday, 8 November 2016

TOP THREE TUESDAY | Budget Foundations

Hello lovelies.

Today's 'Top Three Tuesday' post is based around budget foundations. You will be happy to know that all foundations in this blog post cost LESS than €15.00. Amazing right?

Catrice Nude Illusion Makeup

Catrice Nude Illusion is a long term love of mine. Anyone who has been following me for a while has most likely heard me rave about this foundation before. I done a review on it which you can read here and afterwards I got sooo many snaps from followers who bought it and loved it.

I wear the shade 'nude ivory' when I am not wearing any fake tan and I wear the shade 'nude beige' when I am tanning. This foundation is really creamy and has a medium to full coverage. When worn with a good primer and setting powder it has incredible longevity. 

Flormar Perfect Coverage

Again this foundation like the Catrice Nude Illusion is no stranger to Lipstick And Louboutins Blog. When I reviewed it, it was read over an incredible 6000 times making it one of my most popular blog posts EVER! Click here if you fancy checking that out. 

As the name 'Perfect Coverage' suggests this foundation gives an insane amount of you guessed it, coverage. A little goes a very long way and it literally hides and conceals everything from redness to eye bags to spots and blemishes. I wear this foundation in the shade 'Porcelain' which unfortunately only matches my skin when I am wearing tan. I seriously need to pick it up in a paler shade because it really does make for a fabulous everyday foundation. 

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage

I hummed and hawed about including this one purely because I was unsure about having two foundations from Catrice in my top three but lads when it comes to budget brands they are one of the best!! I bought this foundation a few weeks ago and I was quietly confident that it was going to be amazing. 

I would say this foundation has a medium coverage but it is definitely buildable. I lashed it on one morning with very little effort and headed off to work. I was so busy all day that I didn't get a second to look at my face in a mirror until early evening (4pm-ish) and it was still perfect. There was no shine, no breakdown, nothing!! 

I hope you guys enjoyed my second 'Top Three Tuesday'. Leave me a comment below of what you would like to see featured in future. 



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