Monday, 14 November 2016

Flormars' Festive Five Under Forty

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post however most of the products featured were gifted to me by Flormar. You can learn more about this here.

Christmas is just around the corner and this season is all about glowing skin with a minimal but smokey eye and a classic red lip. Flormar sent me out a little package of goodies a few weeks ago so I shall talk you through them now.

Flormar Shimmering Body Lotion

Alot of the time I assosiate glowing, shimmery skin with the Summer months but there is always room for a little shimmer at Christmas time. The Flormar Shimmering Body Lotion not only adds an instant sparkle but it moisturises aswell. I was quite surprised by how nice the scent of the product is. It smells really fresh and slightly coconutty. Is coconutty even a word?? Sure ye know what I mean anyway!!

Flormar Smoky Eyes Carbon Black Eyeliner

To be honest I am a total and utter die hard fan of the Lanc√≥me Le Crayon Kohl eyeliner for the waterline however the Flormar Smoky Eyes Carbon Black Eyeliner gives the same results for a much smaller price tag. Dare I say it might even be a dupe with the added bonus of having a sponge to soften the liner and add to your smoky effect. This eyeliner contains both vitamin E and jojoba oil therefor ensure no dragging or irritation of the sensitive eye area. It literally just glides on. 

Flormar Revolution Waterproof Mascara

Before testing the Flormar Revolution Waterproof Mascara I had never tried a Flormar mascara before however, we stock them where I work and they are insanely popular. I really loved the brush on this mascara. I found it small enough to comfortably get to the base of my lashes but not so small that you need to spend ages applying mascara. It is very light on the lashes and has dense, rubber bristles on the brush which makes it much easier to separate the eyelashes. 

Flormar Waterproof Lip Liner

Lip liner is something that I am sometimes guilty of neglecting in my makeup routine unless I am going to an event or if I need it to last for hours and hours. Flormar sent me out their Waterproof Lip liner in the shade 233 which is an incredibly vibrant, matte but moisturising red. Using a lip liner prior to applying lipstick will prevent your lipstick smudging or running. I usually colour in my lips entirely with the lip liner to provide a lip stain of sorts so that if your lipstick does wear away a little you are still left with your lip liner. 

Flormar Deluxe Cashmere Lipstick STYLO

Nothing says a Christmas makeup look more than a vibrant and bold red lip. Flormar sent me out their Deluxe Cashmere Lipstick in the shade 'Red Boston' to try out. I think the packing on the product looks far more expensive than it actually is. It is matte but ingredients like shea butter and orchid complex keep your lips smooth and moisturised unlike many other matte lipsticks which can be so tight and drying on the lips. Another reason I love this lipstick is because it has blue undertones and blue undertones in a red lipstick make your teeth appear whiter.

All of these Flormar products and more are available to purchase at the links below. 

Happy shopping everyone!!



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