Wednesday, 7 September 2016

New Releases | Urban Decay

One of my absolute all time favourite makeup brands is Urban Decay. I just love their products. I think the packaging is always unique and gorgeous.

In addition to that the price point of the products is really really good considering the quality of them. Recently my inbox has been hopping with news of new Urban Decay products so I decided to do a quick post to tell you guys all about them.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid

These beauties are going to be a lifesaver for hiding and covering any unwanted blemishes or pigmentation on the skin. Urban Decay sent me out the green, peach and lavender shades to try out so keep an eye out next week for a full report on them. The innovative, lightweight formula with built in brush color corrects and blurs your flaws. At €22.00 each we will all be the image of gorge after using them!

Available here.

Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Fine-Point Eye Pen

This is one of the new products I am most excited about. To be honest for me it is liking picking your favourite child but I love a good eyeliner pen, especially when they are jet black!! This eyeliner was created because Wende (the UD creator) wanted an eyeliner as black as their infamous perversion mascara. I cannot believe it is only €21.00, like that is for nothing!! If only I wasn't on a makeup based spending ban. God damn last week Melissa for spending €150.00 on makeup!! *hides in corner.

Available here.

Urban Decay PRO Brushes

I actually cannot cope with the beauty of these brushes. Looking at them makes my eyes go funny because I just keep scanning over them and getting distracted by all the different ones I want. Taking advice from worldwide makeup artists both within and outside the Urban Decay team these cruelty free brushes were created. They are made from recycled aluminium so they are environmentally friendly to. 

Available here

Urban Decay Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longwear Liquid Eyeliner

One thing Urban Decay always deliver is bright, fun and vibrant shades and these razor sharp eyeliners just add to the already massive collection. I was sent out the shade 'Fireball' to try and literally the minute it arrived I had to try it on. Coincidentally I was wearing Urban Decay Riff eyeshadow that day and they were stunning together. Like the color correcting fluids above I will have a full report on the razor sharp eyeliner for you guys in a week or so after I use it some more.

Available here.

Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation

There are a few words in the Urban Decay vocabulary that send shivers down my makeup loving spine, one is perversion and the others ''all nighter''. Last but not least in this post is the new full coverage Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation. Retailing at €34.00 this foundation promises to last for hours, control oil and keep your skin looking flawless. It has been all over my snapchat this week and the want for it is growing!!

Available here.

Sooooo to summarise Urban Decay are killing it lately. I am actually afraid for my bank account if I get near a counter in the next few weeks. What have you all got your eye on? Have any of you purchased any of the new collection? Let me know!



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