Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Cocoa Brown Kind Range

Award winning beauty brand Cocoa Brown have branched outside of tanning and released a brand new range of Kind products.

The Kind collection contains a shampoo, a conditioner and shower gel which are all free from parabens, alcohol and formaldehyde making it suitable for everyday use and for use on sensitive scalps and skin. The shampoo and conditioner are also ideal for anyone who has coloured hair, hair extensions or both.

For the past few weeks I have been using all three products. The first thing I noticed was the smell. All three products have the beautiful signature Cocoa Brown scent, Tahitian gardenia with the added sweetness of peach. Everytime I walk by the tanning area in work all I can smell is the sweet Cocoa Brown fragrance and I love it. The level of fragrance used in the products is so low that it doesn't even need to be listed in the ingredients but for 100% transparency Cocoa Brown included it. 

The primary cleansing agent of the Kind products is derived from natural sources such as coconut oil and fruit sugars. You may not be aware of this but the PH level of the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel won't effect the outcome of your Cocoa Brown tan, happy days!!

Cocoa Brown Kind Shampoo

The Cocoa Brown Kind Shampoo lathers up so so much with even the smallest amount of product. I have very fine and fragile hair so I am over the moon to have one that gives a thorough but gentle cleanse without leaving that awful heavy feeling on the hair. Sometimes if my hair contains a lot of product or dry shampoo I will double cleanse. The fact that the Kind Shampoo smells amazing and gives great volume is just an added bonus. 

Cocoa Brown Kind Conditioner

I usually apply my conditioner from my ears to the ends of my hair, leave a few minutes and then rinse it out. With the Kind Conditioner I applied it to my hair and then brushed it through. The Kind Conditioner is so lightweight that it left my hair feeling soft, smooth and silky. I like to be able to apply my conditioner all over as I feel my hair and scalp need it so the Cocoa Brown Kind Conditioner gets a huge thumbs up from me. 

Cocoa Brown Kind Shower Gel

The directions on the back of the Kind Shower Gel are ''Use me to wash yo'self and smell lovely!'' It was also help you to achieve a longer lasting tan and ensure an even fade. I literally refuse to use any shower gel but the Cocoa Brown one at the moment because why risk ruining your gorgeous tan? 

The Cocoa Brown Kind products are available now in Cocoa Brown stockists nationwide. You can pick up a travel friendly 50ml as part of their travel set or from this week you can get them in 200ml for only €3.99.



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