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Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

So the legends at Urban Decay have gone and released an incredible 100 lipsticks. Some of them are cult favourites and some of them are brand new, never seen before shades. There is massive variety in the range which cover everything from neutrals to bold brights to dark and daring shades. Not only is there a huge range of shades but there is also six lipstick finishes to chose from, cream, sheer, sheer shimmer, metallized, comfort matte and mega matte. 

Cream the original creamy luxury. 
Sheer a punch of colour with a sheer, shiny finish.
Sheer Shimmer slightly transparent finish with floating pearl and a smooth texture.
Metallized cream with a high level of pearl.
Comfort Matte creamiest matte.
Mega Matte super intense matte.

First off let's discuss the packaging. The Vice lipsticks come in a modernized, more luxurious version of the original lipstick case making it new but still connected to the brand's roots. I personally adore the embossed lettering on the side of the lipstick case, it adds a feeling of luxury to the product. Urban Decay have also embossed their signature 'UD' onto the lipstick itself. 

Left to right: Backtalk, Big Bang, 714, Firebird and Pandemonium.

I was gifted the shades 714, Backtalk, Pandemonium, Big Bang and Firebird and I have been wearing them daily for the past week or so. Each and every lipstick is formulated using Urban Decay's proprietary Pigment Infusion System. Every single shade (even the mega matte) ones apply smoothly with no dragging or skipping. It is also worth noting that the longevity of these lipsticks is incredible. 

Backtalk (Comfort Matte)
So I am starting with Backtalk purely because when the arrived this was the first one I was drawn to and it is the one I have worn the most since. Backtalk is a matte mauve nude pink making it the perfect everyday shade. I was honestly so surprised by how creamy and soft it felt on my lips throughout the day. Coming from someone who suffers with dry lips all year round that is saying something.

714 (Mega Matte)
I have been wearing this shade on occasion for months now. I first received it back in December as part of the Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani collaboration. It is always my go to for bright bold red lips. Don't be turned off my the 'mega matte' finish because despite being so matte it still feels quite buttery and smooth on the lips. If a super bright, old Hollywood red with a blue undertone is what you want then look no further than 714.

Big Bang (Metallized) 
Out of all the lipsticks this was one I wasn't sure if I could wear. I am really brave when it comes to my lipstick choices but I have never worn a lipstick with quite as much sparkle as Big Bang. Despite my initial instinct I ended up absolutely loving it. Before I wore it I read somewhere that it feels grainy on the lips because of the glitter but to be honest I didn't find it at all grainy. I found it no less creamy than the other ones in the collection. It almost gave me a creek in my neck from moving my face side to side to watch the glitter sparkle though. 

Firebird (Cream)
I had tried a sample of Firebird a couple of weeks back and really liked it so I was super happy to see it as part of the package sent out to me. Firebird is a really deep, borderline purple fuchsia shade with really strong blue undertones. Like 714, Firebird was also part of the Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani collaboration and I am so glad they decided to include it in their new Vice collection. 

Pandemonium (Mega Matte) 
I don't think I can pick a favourite but if I absolutely had to then it would be Pandemonium. It is definitely only for the brave lipstick wearers amongst you as it is so out there but in saying that I was pleasantly surprised by just how wearable it is once it is on the lips. Pandemonium is a bright purple with red undertones and a matte finish. It is actually featured in Urban Decay's creator, Wende Zomnir's top ten vice lipsticks. Another reason why I love it is because it matches their stunning, vibrant purple branding perfectly.

The Urban Decay Vice lipstick range is available now in select Debenhams stores, House Of Fraser at Dundrum Town Centre and online on
RRP: €19.50

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