Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Aurora Band | Review, Tutorial & Giveaway!!

The aim of The Aurora Band is to transform your hair overnight while you sleep into gorgeous, salon quality hair the following morning.
I am USELESS when it comes to doing my hair and initially I struggled with The Aurora Band. The first time I used it I thought I would be smart and ignore the instructions and do it my own way which was an epic fail. I decided that I was going to put it in when my hair was towel dried and then blow dry it but it really didn't work very well at all. 

However when I actually read the instructions and watched some YouTube videos it turned out really, really well. For best results you need to do the following...

Step One

Brush your hair through and part it in the centre if possible and pop on the band. The centre parting isn't essential but I personally found the putting in the band easier and the results better with a centre parting.

Step Two

Pretend you are making pigtails and part your hair at the nape of your neck making two equal sections and pop on the band with the material piece towards the front.

Step Three

This step is the make or break one in my opinion so really do your best to execute it well. So working on one side what you need to do is take a section of hair, roughly a quarter of your 'pigtail' and wrap it around the band once. Take a second section of similar size, add it to the first section and wrap around the band again.

Step Four

Keep repeating step three until one half of your hair is complete and then repeat the process on the opposite side. It is vital that you leave a gap at the back of the band where the two sections meet as this will make removal so much easier.

You can also watch the official Aurora Band tutorial on YouTube here.

So once you are happy that your Aurora Band is on correctly all you need to do is sleep on it. Sure it couldn't be any easier. Honest to God it is so sooo comfortable to sleep on. You would not even know it was in your hair and it feels very secure. One thing I hate about some rollers is that they need to be secured with a clip or the constantly move around but not the Aurora Band. I was pleasantly surprised by just how comfortable it is to sleep in. 

This picture was taken the morning after I slept with the Aurora Band in my hair and just before I removed it.

The following morning all you need to do it gently undo the hair you wrapped around the band beginning at the little gap you left at the nape of the neck. 

So this is what the final result is like. After removing the band I usually bend over, shake out my hair, swing it back and it settles into place.
In a nutshell I adore The Aurora Band. Once I got the hang of it (and read the instructions) I found it super easy to use and that is coming from someone who struggles to do a decent ponytail. For any of you with hair extensions I have a friend with hair extensions and it works perfectly for her. If you are unsure then check with whoever applied your extensions but she loves the Aurora band to! 

My before and after.
I just want to say a quick thank you to the lovely Donna from Heavenly Virtue who very kindly gifted me my Aurora Band but I am 100% picking up a second one, just incase!! If you wish to purchase an Aurora band you can do so right here

Alternatively you can head over to my Facebook and like and comment on my Aurora Band post or to my Instagram and tag three friends in the comments to be in with a chance of winning one. The giveaway will end on Thursday May 12th 2016 and the winner will be contacted on Friday May 13th 2016 so it will be a lucky Friday the 13th for someone! :) 

Best of luck everyone.



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