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My Top Tips For Expectant Mammies

I want to begin this post with a little disclaimer, I AM NOT PREGNANT! I am broody as all hell but I am not pregnant. Lately I have had a lot of chats with expectant mammies, mostly first time mammies but some were due there second or third child. Anyways these chats inspired me to write up this post entitled 'My Top Tips For Expectant Mammies.''

Document everything!!
I am starting with this one because I think it is the most important one. Early in my pregnancy I purchased a Pregnancy Diary in my local Eason's and it was and still is so valuable to me. The diary itself provides sections for lots of different things including how you felt when you heard the news, how you broke the news, cravings, appointments, to do lists, everything!! I loved it. I had it from about 12 weeks into my pregnancy right up to the day my son was born in the delivery room. 

The only downside to the book was that it didn't have enough writing space for me. That is more to do with me overusing it than an inefficiency with the book to be honest. There is random pages and post it notes stuck into it everywhere. I think there is even a tissue being held in with a hair grip because it was all I had to hand in the hospital waiting room.

You can pick it up online here if you wish. 

Maternity fashion.
Surprisingly this was something I kind of neglected. I got fitted for new underwear of course but I didn't invest in any actual maternity clothing and I do regret that in some aspects. If I was lucky enough to become pregnant again I would 100% invest in a few pairs of maternity jeans and leggings. You can get away with floaty tops or even going up a size in t-shirts and vest tops etc. I guess when I had a decent bump we had really good weather so I wore a lot of my maxi dresses and maxi skirts. I didn't have to buy any new ones as these tend to have a little give in them. Don't get me wrong I was always comfortable in what I wore but I thing maternity underwear, jeans and leggings at the very least are essential. Also it is quite hard to find decent looking maternity clothing or maybe I was just in the wrong shops...

Baby wipes & more baby wipes.
Two of our friends who have two gorgeous children of their own suggested that we stock up on baby wipes whenever we saw them on offer during the pregnancy and it was fantastic advice. You can never have enough baby wipes and you will use them for so much. I know people have different views on what brands they want to use and stuff but regardless of what brand you choose, stock up!! Our son was about eight months old before we had to purchase any and it really saved a little cost on what can be an expensive time.

On the same token avoid buying too many baby shampoos, bath wash products etc. simply because they last blimming ages and a lot of people tend to give these as gifts in hampers and stuff which is super handy!! Our son is eighteen months old and hand on heart we have never had to buy a shampoo, a wash, a powder or anything baby toiletry related purely because we have such a back stock from gifts. 

If you don't ask you don't get.
When someone asks you if you need anything for when the baby arrives or what you want as a gift etc. this is music to your ears. One of my cousins advised me that when someone asks me this question answer them. Obviously you aren't going to say ''Oh I need a cot could you buy me that please?'' but you can always say that you need some vests and socks or you need some blankets or towels etc. 

These shoes are the first pair of proper little shoes my son wore when he was born. The hand and foot mould was a gift from my little sister. It is so sooo precious in this house.

Alternatively you could suggest a few euro on a voucher for somewhere. We were given some vouchers for places like Dunnes Stores, Tesco etc. when our baby arrived and they were super helpful for the likes of nappies, formula if you chose to bottle feed and even just for groceries. It is just another way to cut back costs. By making a suggestion of what you may need you are one possibly doing them a favor because they might not have a clue what to buy and two saving yourself money that you can now put towards something else. 

The ALDI Baby Event.
Every now and again ALDI hold an event called ''The Baby Event''. I think it is once a month but I am not 100% sure. It is usually very well advertised anyway. These events are great for picking up things you will need. They will most likely have giant boxes of wipes for very little. On occasion they stock things like moses baskets for very little and other things like highchairs and stair gates for further down the line. If you see one being advertised then I highly suggest you check it out. 

Don't overpack for hospital.
I most definitely over packed for my stay in hospital. I don't often open up about my experience online but I was ten days overdue so I was brought in and then I was a further three days in hospital before my little superstar decided to make an appearance. He is laid back like his daddy!! After he was born we spent another three days in hospital and I had still brought too much with me. 

One thing I didn't anticipate or expect was the actual size of our little man when he was born. I will be honest and admit that I was totally ignorant to weight and what the average would be. So when the nurse informed me that he was 10 pounds four ounces I didn't bat an eyelid and she was like ''Ehhh Melissa that is HUGE!'' A lot of the clothes we had packed didn't actually fit him including his going home outfit so Josh had to make a quick dash to Penneys to buy our little giant some style!! I know the chances of this happening isn't huge but definitely pack the minimum amount of everything.

When baby sleeps you should sleep.
To this day I still don't know what I think of this statement. In an ideal world yes you should sleep whenever baby sleeps but I found it quite hard to do especially at the beginning. You might have housework to do, you might have people calling and just the pure excitement of watching your new gorgeous little man or woman makes the whole 'sleep when baby sleeps' quite difficult.

My son is eighteen months and he is full of energy. He is running around the place and loves to play both inside and outside so now whenever he has his afternoon nap, I have mine aswell. I don't care what housework needs to be done because that power nap is essential!! Even just make a cup of tea or coffee or whatever and throw on trashy day time TV like Jeremy Kyle or something and relax. My little man's naps are getting shorter and shorter every few weeks so I feel as if they are nearing an end so I am really embracing them while I can. 

Yummy mummy.
It may not be high up on your list of priorities but if like me you (kind of) care what you look like then I suggest a brow and lip wax if this is something you have done and a brow tint just before baby is due. I had zero interest of wearing makeup in hospital but I did have all of the above and eyelash extensions on and it just gave me a little lift and helped me look a little less s#*t. The midwives and I had a great giggle after my son was born about how my eyelashes has survived the labour! 

Again just to reiterate this is totally individual and completely up to each and every woman how much of this they want to take on board. When my son was born I always had three secret weapons in my bathroom, dry shampoo, a hairbrush and deodorant just incase anyone arrives last minute and you feel you need to freshen up. Some days used them and other day's I just didn't care less. 

I recently shared this photo to my facebook page with the following caption & it reached an insane amount of people.

''Being a mammy is often a tough but an incredibly rewarding job. We need to remember to go easy on ourselves. So what if you have no makeup on & your hair needs to be brushed or even washed? So what if there is toys all over the floor? So what if the washing, ironing etc. is piling up? So what if our garden is well overdue some TLC and is starting to resemble the Amazon rainforest? So what if we survive off coffee and biscuits somedays? So what if your spare room is a hoarders paradise where everything is thrown/stored? I could go on but all that matters is that our little darlings are loved, fed, clean, kissed and cuddled.''

I hope this post helps someone in someway whether it be big or small. Take from it what you will and I know it will benefit different people in different ways. 

I would love to hear what tips you were given as an expectant mammy or parent.



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