Saturday, 16 April 2016

My Current Favourite Fragrances.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium
Eau De Parfum

The Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium has a floral scent with notes of vanilla and black coffee. It is quite a deep smell but it has a definite softness and feminine touch to it.
I just want to bathe in this perfume to be honest but I am doing my best to spare it by only wearing it on special occasions. It smells so luxurious and expensive.

Roger And Gallet Bois D'Orange
Fresh Fragrant Water

Roger And Gallet are a brand that boast many gorgeous scents but this one, Bois D'Orange is the one that stands out for me. It is definitely a required taste. I think woman smell it and either love it or hate it. I find it invigorating without being to over powering. Obviously the scent is based around oranges and it has definite woody undertones. For best results and increased longevity layer this fresh fragrant water with the Bois D'Orange shower gel and body lotion.

Emporio Armani She
Eau De Parfum

I don't know am I proud or ashamed to admit that since my teens I have repurchased this perfume maybe six times... I suppose you could say it is my ''signature scent''. I just love it. Similar to the YSL Black Opium above Emporio Armani She is also a floral scent with notes of vanilla but it is a much lighter scent. It is a very subtle and feminine scent. Everytime I smell it, it just makes me happy. It is the perfect perfume for just after a shower for added freshness. If you spot this in a pharmacy or a department store make sure you smell it!!

Smellovision would have been amazing for this post!!

What are you favourite fragrances?

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