Thursday, 14 April 2016

My Benefit Brow Experience

So yesterday I decided to treat myself and booked myself in for a brow makeover at the Benefit counter in Mahon Point Shopping Centre.

I attended an event months ago where Benefit did a brow demo and adored it!! The model they worked on that night ended up with the most stunning brows and I was determined to have mine done in there aswell.

I have been doing my own brows for years with occasional visits to beauty salons for a wax but I never felt I could get them exactly how I wanted. It is just one of those things you cannot do for yourself I find. Over the past few weeks I left my eyebrows grow to the point that they actually felt heavy on my forehead so I could give them a good makeover.

I headed into Benefit & the gorgeous and highly recommended Corinne looked after me. She gave me the FULL benefit brow experience and literally transformed my brows for me. First we discussed how they should be measured and how I would like them to look. With that information she then tinted, tweezed, trimmed and waxed them to perfection. She even gave me some maintenance tips on how to fill them in using their infamous Browzings and how to keep them looking their best at home myself.

I have to say the level of professionalism and care she showed blew me away. I have worked and been a part of the beauty industry for years so often times beauty treatments are just routine for me but I walked away from the Benefit counter yesterday feeling truly pampered and looked after thanks to Corinne and the Benefit team.

So... drum roll for the before and after... 

Eeeek there is such a huge difference and I love them. The left picture shows my before and the one on the right is my after. PS. Skin is having a tough time at the moment, hence it's condition. I could have airbrushed it but I couldn't be bothered. This is real life lads.

So if you are anyway local to Mahon Point Shopping Centre I highly recommend the girls. I feel like a woman with a new confidence and a new lease of life. Alternatively I have no doubt that the Benefit experience is equally as enjoyable at all of their counters.

If you want to book in with the Benefit gals in Mahon Point Shopping Centre then you can do so by calling them on 021 4536947. You will not regret it and if you do book in tell them who sent you! :)

''Eyebrows: the only thing you can get into shape without hitting the gym!'' - Benefit Cosmetics

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