Friday, 15 April 2016

Lancôme Hydra Zen.

Recently I was gifted two gorgeous products from Lancôme, the Hydra Zen Overnight Serum-In-Mask and the Hydra Zen Beauty Essence. 

First things first, can we discuss the beautiful pink packaging. Pastel pink is my all time favourite colour and it is the perfect shade for a Spring time release. Secondly, I really really wish we had smellovision because both of these products smell gorgeous. They have a really subtle and delicate floral scent which is both feminine and fresh. 

Lancôme Hydra Zen Beauty Essence

The Lancôme Hydra Zen Beauty Essence is a really unique and effective way to hydrate your skin. I am obsessed with this product. It has been in my handbags, on my bedside table, on my desk, in the car, literally everywhere because I love the feeling it gives my skin. When using it as part of my skincare routine I apply it after my toner and before my moisturiser. On no makeup days I could easily use this atleast three times in the day...atleast! 

When you pump it out onto your hand it is a gel but the heat of your hand/hands melts it down to a water and then using a light pressure you press it into the skin. For extra relaxation slowly move your fingers from the centre of your face outwards. Start on your forehead and move downwards to your neck. For best results repeat this three times. It feels cool, soothing and incredibly refreshing. Even though I have oily combination skin it is still vitally important that I keep it moisturised. No messing my skin literally drank this up!! 

Lancôme Hydra Zen Overnight Serum-in Mask

Since my Lancôme Hydra Zen Overnight Serum-In-Mask arrived I have been using it every three of four days to give an intense burst of moisture to my skin. It works while you sleep and keeps your skin hydrated for a full twenty four hours which is pretty impressive. After only four hours it boosts hydration by a fab 40%!! When I apply this product I am quite generous with it but it still feels very lightweight on the skin and not at all greasy. Another thing I love about this mask is that it doesn't tighten on the skin.

The Hydra Zen Overnight Serum-In-Mask claims to reduce the visible signs of stress and tiredness that have accumulated on the skin. If that is the case then it has it's work cut out with my skin, especially on the tiredness end of things. The morning after I use the mask my skin feels really soft and supple. I have noticed that my foundation sits perfectly and my skin has a definite glow. My boyfriend Josh (an actual man) even commented on how well my skin looked one morning. If a man notices then it works wonders.

Both of these gorgeous products are available now from Lancôme counters and from the Debenhams website.

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