Friday, 5 February 2016

5 DEADLY Beauty Buys Under €5!!

Previously I done a post entitled "10 Must Have Products Under €10" and it was hugely popular. Today I am going one step better in bringing you all five beauty buys under €5.
I feel it is important to highlight that even though these products are affordable they are still really good. Just like my previous similar post I wanted to include good and worthwhile products not just any old thing because of it's price tag.

Penneys/Primark PS Lipstick €1.50

First up is the Penneys/Primark PS I Love Lipsticks. Lads I picked this up because I went away for a week and only brought statement lippies with me so I need a more wearable everyday shade. I purchased the shade Manhattan for only €1.50 and it is rumoured to be a great dupe for the infamous MAC Velevt Teddy. To be honest I hadn't got high hopes. After all how good could a lipstick that cost €1.50 really be? 

Much to my surprise I ended up loving not only the colour but the texture and most importantly the longevity. The first morning I wore it I applied it at approximately 8am and only touched up the centre of my lips after numerous coffees at around 4pm. How impressive is that baring in mind it only cost €1.50? Oh also it is worth noting that this lipstick has quite a strong coconut scent. I love it but others may not be a fan. Next time I pop into my local Penneys I plan on purchasing one of each shade. I highly recommend them. PS. The square part at the base of the lippystick is a lipgloss!

Catrice All Round Concealer Palette €3.99

Next up is the Catrice All Round Concealer Palette. Retailing at just €3.99 this palette is well worth keeping an eye out for. When you break it down that is only 79c per shade and they all come in a tidy and durable case. Another reason I love this concealler palatte is that it covers all basis. The green shade used lightly counteracts redness, the orange toned one will cancel out dark circles and then you have a variety of three skin tone shades for blemishes. If you are a fan of the cream contour I have in the past used the darkest shade for contouring and the shade next it for highlighting and it worked really well. However a little birdie has told me that Catrice are bringing out their own contour palette that looks just like this one but with a variety of both warm and cool skin tone shades. It is expected to be on stands this month!! *runs to nearest Catrice stockist!!

Essence Make Me Brow €3.09

I honestly don't think I can write a blog post on affordable makeup and not include Essence Cosmetics. We stock Essence in the pharmacy where I work and I have tried most if not all of their products. Like any brand there is some I love, some that are grand and others that I could live without. One product that I really really like is the Essence Make Me Brow. This is available for €3.09 in the two shades photographed below and being a brunette I use the one on the right. 

If you have full brows naturally (you lucky duck) then this product is great for adding dept and definition to the brows. For best results use it against with hair growth and then with. Alternatively if like me you use products to draw on your brows then the Essence Make Me Brow is good for three things. Firstly like with the natural brows it will give them a much fuller look, it will tame your brows into place for the day and lastly the little mini spoolie attached will brush all the products through your brows and ensure a natural and even look. 

W7 Power Puff Face Blender Sponge €3.95

Months and months ago the lovely gals over at Simply Foxy sent me out a W7 Power Puff Face Blender Sponge to try out. Essentially it is similar to the infamous beauty blender but is much more affordable. There are so many uses for these sponges including general blending of face products, foundation application, cream highlighting and contouring and applying under eye concealer. It is such a handy little tool to have in your makeup bag especially if you like a full coverage makeup look. It is recommended that you use it just slightly damp, this stops it absorbing product. Being honest most mornings I apply my makeup in my living room because it gets the best lighting at 8am and I almost always use it dry and it works grand. You can pick one up here.

Catrice Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen

I don't want to say it properly out loud BUT I think I may have found an eyeliner I can use without fear in the Catrice Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen. Like don't get me wrong I'm not bad at eyeliner but it isn't something like many others that comes naturally to me. Somedays I fire it on and I cannot believe how perfect the are and others my eyes are red raw from having to remove and reapply.

Anyways I picked up this eyeliner pen from a local Catrice stockist months ago and I have since repurchased it maybe three times. I find it super easy to use for both natural and more dramatic liner looks. Because of the thin tip on the pen it really helps when doing fine detailed bits but it isn't so thin that you are day all day filling in the lines. It dries quiet fast so you won't smudge it to easy. There's nothing worse than your liner being on point and then you needing to sneeze...we have all been there. To be honest I forget the exact retail but I know it is under the €5 mark anyway. It is cheap as chips so well worth picking up and trying out in my opinion. 

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. If it is a popular one then I will make it into a series where every few weeks or months I will do a similar post. Pretty please let me know if this is something you would enjoy!! 

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