Monday, 4 January 2016

Urban Decay UDxGwen Palette

As soon as I got word that Urban Decay were collaborating with none other than the goddess that is Gwen Stefani I was so excited. At the time there was no images of the palette released but when they landed the didn't disappoint. You could say it looked hella good!! 

Filled with jealousy I was scrolling through my instagram newsfeed looking at all the gorgeous looks US and british bloggers and makeup lovers were creating with their UDxGwen palette. After all I am just a girl!! I literally could not wait for it's release in Ireland.

Unfortunetely I missed the launch party but I feel like I was there through the fantastic medium of Snapchat. A few days after the party I was saying hey baby to Gwen at my doorstep...not actual Gwen Stefani...the Gwen palette of course.
I photographed it that day so that I could start using it ASAP. The colours are right up my street with lots of gorgeous nudes and browns with some bold bright shades and some sparkles thrown in. I recently attended an event in my local Debenhams when Urban Decay MUA Shirley told us the story of how Gwen and Urban Decay creator Wende Zomnir came up with the idea of a collaboration. She also confirmed that Gwen was 100% involved with every aspect of the palette from the shades that made the final cut to the packaging design.

Three of the shades Stark, Skimp and Blackout are existing shades from the Urban Decay eyeshadow arsenal and all the others were created by Gwen. One thing I love about the palette is the personal touch Gwen gave it. The outer packaging is monochome with a touch of gold. Secondly the names of the eyeshadows all have a meaning. For example we have Blonde which is of course Gwen's hair colour, 1987 which is the year No Doubt were formed and Bathwater which is one of my favourite No Doubt songs.

To create this look I use Stark all over as a base, Zone in the crease and Punk all over the lid and underneath the eye.
My lipstick is Urban Decay Stark Naked.
The pigment of the eyeshadows are incredibly impressive especially when applied over the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer. Sometimes with nude tones you can be a while constantly reapplying to build up a noticable colour but not with the UDxGwen palette. Even the shades like Blonde, Skimp and Stark give instant results. The first time I saw the palette I was drawn to the shade Punk, a reddish brown matte. 

Another reason why I love my UDxGwen palette is how they blend so easily. They colours literally blend like a dream. They are so buttery and easy to work with. I find they last really well to. There is no fall out or creasing as the day goes on. 

This is my favourite look to create with the UDxGwen palette. I have Blonde all over as a base, Anaheim in the crease as a transition colour and Blackout all over the lid and underneath. Before this palette I have never been brave enough to rock a black smokey eye.

The UDxGwen palette is a handy one to have on nights away or on holidays. Not only is it really durable but many of the shades can be used for purposes other than eyeshadow. For example I like to fill in my eyebrows using Zone, Harajuku makes a gorgeous pink blush and Pop is a really nice highlighter. 

The limited edition UDxGwen palette retails at €46.00 and is available at all Urban Decay counters while stocks last and online HERE.

When you purchase a UDxGwen palette you will also receive sample sizes of her upcoming lipstick collection...just to make you want/need it even more!!

Treat yourself!! It is SO worth it!



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