Sunday, 18 October 2015

Penneys Favourites Part 1.

Hi everyone. Happy Sunday. 

Today is the very first in a new series of ''Penneys Favourites'' on Lipstick And Louboutins. I wanted to bring something to my website and social media that I think everyone would like and could take away from. My Penneys haul posts are always incredibly popular so I thought this would be a good addition to my blog. After all who doesn't love Penneys??

These are shoes I would have walked past last week and not even bothered with until I saw a friend wear them recently. She wore them with a long white shirt and a pair of black leggings and it was gorgeous. It was just such a simple but stylish look.

Even looking at this photo is bothering me... I have no idea why I went home without these gorgeous nude lace up shoes. The look so comfortable and would match so much. They are top priority the next time I visit Penneys.

Fringing is still very much a huge trend. These boots are super comfy and have a heel height that is just perfect for everyday wear.

These fluffy large clutch bags are just the cutest. I picked up one in black to match an outfit but I plan on going back for this colour to.

The handbag next it with the feathers is so nice to and would add a touch of glamour to any outfit.

I love the colours in this scarf. The pink is just gorgeous. It's very easy to get caught up in dark dreary clothes in the Winter months. Adding a touch of colour is always important.

This grey jumper dress is a wardrobe staple for Autumn Winter and it reminded me of a gorgeous look I saw on Pinterest. Wear it with boots and tights or leggings and converse for a more casual look.

So now I will show you guys what I picked up...

Last night Josh and I headed out for dinner and it gave me the perfect opportunity to debut my new fluffy bag. I love the size of this bag. Often times with clutch bags they can be to small. This bag was only €10.00 which is a total bargain.

The shoes I am wearing in the picture are also a recent Penneys purchase. They were €14.00... I think and are also available in black and khaki.

These nude runners were a total bargain at only €11.00. I wore them over the weekend at Jake's 1st birthday party and they were so comfy. 

This fluffy handbag is like the baby version of the one mentioned above but with a chain. I thought it was super cute and really glamorous. It will without doubt get a few uses over the festive season.

So that gals concludes my debut ''Penneys Favourites'' post. You can look forward to part two in the near future. Apologies for enabling anyone shopping habits...not! ;)

Have a fabulous week.

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  1. Absolutely loving what's in Penneys atm! I've been able to buy a whole Autumn wardrobe on the cheap and I'm delighted. Great picks as well!
    Zoe |


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