Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Holos Light Exfoliating Facial Polish


What is it? A facial scrub.

How much is it? €20.80 for 100ml.

Where can I get it? www.holos.ie

Who are HolosHolos are an Irish skincare company which create completely natural holistic skincare using essential oils and natural ingredients.

Holos Light Exfoliating Facial Polish 100ml €20.80.

Today I want to chat you guys about the Holos Light Exfoliating Facial Polish from their Blossoms range. The polish arrived gift wrapped in the cutest wrapping paper ever. I could tell that lots of love and attention had gone into the presentation of it. I like when a company does this. It is a reflection of how professional they are and how much pride they put into their work.

The product packaging itself is simple and incredibly striking. It is straight to the point and you know exactly what you have and what you use it for. The ingredients are a pleasure to read because they are all natural I was immediately familiar with them.

Neroli is one of my favourite scents ever!!

I wish I had the ability to allow you all to smell the product because it just smells incredible. It reminds me of a smell from a spa, I'm sure it is the neroli that creates that luxurious scent.

I use my usual cleanser to remove my makeup and then I apply my Holos skin polisher in very slow upward circles. I apply it all over my face avoiding my eyes and allow it sit on my skin while I brush my teeth. In this time my skin absorbs the oils from the product and once I'm finished I just rinse my face with luke warm water.

If only smellogram existed...

The actual scrub in the skin polish is created by a light volcanic lava pumice. How amazing is that?? This in addition to this the essential oils Neroli, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine really makes for an incredibly pampering product. The Holos Light Exfoliating Skin Polish also boasts aloe vera extract and creamed coconut oil to nourish and protect the skin. I can safely say that my skin felt smoother than smooth and baby soft after using the Holos Light Exfoliating Facial Polish. The results were pretty much instant and they lasted to. My skin still felt great the following morning and was a perfect base for my makeup application.

I think their may be a few Holos Skincare products added to my Christmas wishlist. I am so impressed by them.

If you wish to purchase this product you can do so HERE. If you would like more information on this product or any other products in the Holos range then you can either check out the Holos website or feel free to contact me in a comment below this post or at any of my social media handles.

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