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Birthday Q&A

Hi everyone.

So today I turned 24 and to mark the occasion I have decided to do a little Q&A blog post. The questions flooded in particularly through Snapchat so I am gonna answer most of them below.

#1 Emma asked: Have you always been interested in makeup? How did you decide to get involved in makeup and blogging?
I have always loved makeup. I remember buying my first ever makeup product and it was a panstick like foundation that was literally yellow in colour. At the time I thought I was gorgeous!!

After a few years in the beauty industry I wanted to share my beauty knowledge and experiences with an audience so I felt like blogging was a good way to do just that and it went from their really. 

#2 Jen asked: What motivates me when I am feeling low? Like bottom of the barrel low? What motivates me to keep going?
I think when you really hit a low point and are feeling down it is so important to give yourself some time to relax and recuperate. When you put your life online it can get pretty daunting so a step back helps.

What motivates me to get up and going again can be a number of different things but usually it is women who inspire me. My biggest inspirations at the moment are Marissa Carter and Suzanne Jackson. 

#3 Sonya asked: What do you like and dislike about being a blogger?
What I like about being a blogger is the fab events, the people I get to meet, the friendships I have made through blogging and the chance to trial and review a wide variety of beauty products.

What I dislike about being a blogger is that I don't have as many hours in the day as I would like to get more blogging done but as they say ''You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce''!

#4 Ellie asked: Are you going to do a masterclass in Tipperary?
At the moment masterclasses aren't something I do via my blog but maybe in time... who knows?!

#5 Alison asked: What is your favourite foundation?
This is a tricky one because I find with foundations I go through phases depending on my skins needs. Right now I am loving the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and the DIOR SkinStar Foundation. Other foundations I like are Catrice Nude Illusion Makeup and La Roche Posay Tolleraine Teint Fluid.

#6 Katie asked: Would you like to be a full time blogger?
I don't know if I have a straight answer to this. There is pros and cons. Pros being I love to blog and would more than likely get to spend a lot more time with Josh and Jake. The cons would be that I would have to leave my current job which I love!!

#7 Lauren asked: What palette is your favourite? One that isn't to expensive.
Right now my favourite palette is the Pippa for Blank Canvas Cosmetics palette. It contains six gorgeous eyeshadows, a bronzer, a blusher and a highlighter so it is perfect for just firing in your handbag. I use my Pippa palette pretty much everyday. The eyeshadow 'Tobi' and the highlighter 'Lulu' are my favourites.

#8 Ellen asked: Who is my favourite snapchatter?
Ohh my God it's so hard to pick just one but I have to admit I always watch James Butler's snaps first if his same is on my list. His Fron snaps and his hiyaaaa kill me everytime. His username is jamespatrice if you want to follow him. Other people I love to watch on snapchat is cartermarissa, facesbygrace23 and justjordanblog.

#9 Zoe asked: Who is your favourite beauty vlogger/youtuber?
My favourite beauty vlogger is Karen from Lovely Girly Bits. I only started watching her videos recently and I love them. She has such a fun and friendly personality that comes across so well in her videos. I find myself sitting down to watch one or two and end up watching ten!!

#10 Jane asked: What is your favourite website to buy beauty products from? One that has free delivery.
My favourite website to pick up beauty products is It is an Irish website that offers free delivery on orders over €30. They stock Sleek, NYX, Cocoa Brown, Catrice and loads more. 

#11 Layla asked: What is your favourite quote?
I have a few. I don't think I could pick just one but they are ''Get up, dress up, show up and never give up'', ''Don't let compliments go to your head or criticism go to your heart'' and last but not least is one I heard only recently but I love it and that is ''Her success is not your failure.'' 

#12 Billie asked: What is your favourite TV programme or movie?
TV programmes I love are Friday Night Dinner, Black Books and Gavin and Stacey...all Netflix addictions. My favourite movie right now randomly enough is The Shawshank Redemption. I watched it recently for the very first time and funnily enough it is on again literally right now as I am typing.

#13 Michella asked: What beauty product have you repurchased the most?
I'm gonna say either false tan or eyelashes!! I use both of them pretty much everyday. My favourite eyelashes are the Eylure Demi Whispies or the Primark Sultry lashes and my favourite tan is the Cocoa Brown 1Hour Dark Mousse. I am also loving their new Bronzing Gels in the Shimmer version. It is just so shimmery and gorgeous.

#14 Elaine asked: What are your favourite lipsticks? Which ones last the best?
My absolute favourite lipsticks right now are the Urban Decay Matte Revolution collection. I have shades 1993, Bittersweet and Tilt and the longevity in these is incredible. They are matte lipstick but they aren't at all drying on the lips.

Other ones I love are the Rimmel Provocalips and the Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipsticks. 

#15 Linda asked: What do you use to exfoliate?
I'm not sure if Linda was asking what I use to exfoliate my face or my body so I will answer both. For my face I use the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. This product is an absolute must have in every womans bathroom. For my body I use Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff. It is perfect for removing stubborn tan and prepping the skin for a new application.

#16 Una asked: What do you do to relax?
I don't often get time to relax. I always seem to be on the go but when I do get some me time I love to have a bath complete with my favourite Pixy Natural products. I also love to paint my nails, spend time with my friends, drink an insane amount of tea and of course cuddles with my little boy and other half.

#17 Charlene asked: Who is your favourite blogger?
I couldn't pick just one and that is the honest truth. I am blogging almost two years now and in that time I have made some incredible friendships. In most cases I follow different bloggers for different things. Every blogger has their niche so yeah I couldn't pick just one.

#18 Kelliann asked: What are your favourite nail varnish?
Working in the beauty industry and of course being a beauty blogger I have used soooo many different brands of nail polish. My favourites that tick all the boxes for me are SOSU by Suzanne Jackson, CND Vinylux and the Rimmel ones. All of these have a fab colour selection and they last really well to.

#19 Colette asked: Do you ever buy makeup from eBay or Amazon?
I only purchase my makeup from a reputable store, counter or website. There is too many scary stories out there about dangerous counterfeit makeup and I would be to scared to take the risk.

#20 Shelly asked: How old is Jake?
Jake will be one year old in just over two weeks. I am so excited for his birthday party but I am in total shock and denial that he is growing up so quick!!

#22 Paula asked: Have you any tips for someone who wants to start a blog?
This is a blog post in itself but I think the main things to focus on are good content, engaging with your readers, good photography and make the most of social media. Maybe when I am blogging another year or so all going well I will write a full post on all my tips. 

#22 Vicki asked: What are your favourite clothing websites?
The website I buy most of my clothes from is This site always gaurentees good quality for an affordable price tag. It is the nearest thing to an online Penneys us gals are gonna get!! 

Other clothing website I like are In The Style, Fearless Clothing, Missguided and River Island.

#23 Gillian asked: Lyons or Barrys?
I have to admit that this question made me laugh a little bit. I opened the snap and was so confused. I was like who is Barry?? Then I realise Gillian was talking about teabags. To be honest I think tea is tea...once it's warm and sugary I'm a happy lady. It is my coffee that I am incredibly fussy over.

#24 Debbie asked: What is your favourite perfume?
I wear different perfumes according to whether it is night or day time and of course seasons. Right now because it is practially Winter I love DIOR Poison, Jimmy Choo Flash aaaaand Armani She.

I hope you all enjoyed my birthday Q&A. Thank you soooo much to everyone who sent me questions. There was plenty more that I didn't get to but I will do a Q&A on Snapchat soon. If you aren't following me you can do so by adding liploublog.

Thank you for reading.
Have a great week.


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