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Monthly Favourites | September '15

I have been a very bold blogger and have missed one or two monthly favourites posts but I promise this one will more than make up for it. 

SOSU By SJ Gel Nail Polish 'She Means Business.'
So this month Suzanne Jackson aka. So Sue Me added six stunning colours to her SOSU by SJ gel nail polish collection. I picked up a gorgeous deep purple shade called ''She Means Business''. It is just the most perfect shade for Autumn Winter and it looks so nice with a dark tan.

SOSU By Suzanne Jackson ''She Means Business.''
So far I have worn it three times. Once with a regular shiny top coat, the second time with a glitter accent nail and I am currently wearing it with a matte top coat. These polishes retail at €7.99 and are worth every cent!!

''She Means Business'' with a matte top coat.
You can read my full review on the SOSU By SJ gel nail polishes right HERE.

Earlier in the month I done a big foundation clear out and I found a bottle of barely used DIORSKIN STAR Studio Make-up and decided it was time to give it a proper go. On first impressions it applies really light to the skin but the coverage is buildable. It lasts really well when worn with a good primer and powder and feels completely weightless on the skin. 

DIORSKIN STAR Studio Make-Up in the shade 020
Another huge benefit to the foundation is the fact that is contains an SPF30. Even on dull days it is so important to protect your skin. I can't remember the exact price. I think it was around €48.00 so definetely one of my most expensive foundations but so worth it for the quality.

I just love the flawless finish it gives. My eyelashes are Primark/Penneys individual ones and my lipstick is Urban Decay 'Tilt.'

Pippa for Blank Canvas Cosmetics Palette
I know, I know I am so late to the party with this one but the next product in my monthly favourites is the infamous Pippa for Blank Canvas Cosmetics palette. The Pippa palette contains six eyeshadows which can be used to create anything from a natural day look to a full on dramatic smokey eye. It also boasts three face shades, a highlighter, a blush and a warm bronzer. 

I just LOVE how girly and chic the packaging is.
Every product in this palette is my taste. I love working with nude and brown eyeshadows, I am a sucker for contouring and I love a shimmery highlight. My day to day eye makeup the majority of the time is 'Tobi' all over the eyelid blended out, Dodo underneath the eye and Lulu on my tear ducts. 

It is a very real concern of mine as to what I am going to do when my Tobi and Lulu run out. To say I am addicted to them is a massive understatement. The Pippa palette retails at €34.99 but considering that covers the cost of nine gorgeous products and a decent sized mirror it's a bargain.

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick 'Bittersweet.'
Have I ever done a monthly favourites and not mentioned a lip product? I don't think so. I full on have a problem when it comes to lipstick especially because I am quite brave with it and I'm not afraid to experiment with different colours. 

This month my lipstick love is 'Bittersweet' from the new Urban Decay Matte Revolution collection. It is a gorgeous matte bright purple shade that compliments tanned skin and green eyes perfectly. One thing I love about this shade is that it is suitable for day time wear but it is also dramatic enough for a night time look. 

Just like the 'She Means Business'' polish from the SOSU By SJ collection the 'Bittersweet' lipstick is perfect for this time of year. I love to wear it with big lashes for an easy and quick day time look for work and I always get asked what shade I am wearing. 

To read more about Urban Decay's latest releases click HERE.

So...? Fragrances.
Recently I attended a launch party for So...? Fragrance with my lovely friend Kate from Pure Irish Sugar Blog and it was such a fun event. It was so incredibly nostalgic. I felt like I was 16 again looking at and smelling on the So...? perfumes and body sprays. 

Lipstick And Louboutins pictured in House Dublin at the So...? Fragrance launch.
Leaving the event we were gifted with a goodie bag which contained all the scents. After careful deliberation I can now confirm that my favourite of the lot are So...? Kiss Me and So...? Rio.

The So...? Kiss Me is quite a deep scented perfume which I have a soft spot for. It has hints of blackcurrant and vanilla which are just a stunning combination. Another thing I love about it is how it is a scent which is accessible to women of all ages. You know the way some perfumes would only suit and older woman and some younger? Well the So...? Kiss Me in my opinion covers all women across the board.

So...? Rio is a much more bold and vibrant scent. It smells like a really fruity ice pop or drink. So...? Rio contains notes of pineapple, mango and melon which gives it a super fun and edgy scent. The So...? Fragrances are available in Penneys and selected pharmacies nationwide.

Cocoa Brown Instant Tan Bronzing Gels
Last but most definitely not least is the newly launched Instant Tan Bronzing Gels from Cocoa Brown which are available in matte or shimmer. I was a very lucky lady to be invited along to a dinner with Cocoa Brown in the Shelbourne Hotel where I was among the first group of people to see the products. We had such a fabulous night.

Aren't they just so beautiful?

You need these bronzing gels in your life if you like an instant, quick drying tan that is water resistant and weightless on the skin. All I'm gonna say is that I have never in my days seen a tan quite as shimmery as the shimmer bronzing gel. It gives that perfect sparkle needed for the Christmas months and it will glisten in the sunshine we will hopefully get next Summer. I need to stock up on both of these because I predict a sell out. 

Check out that sparkle!!

You can read my full review of the new Cocoa Brown Instant Tan Bronzing Gels HERE.

I could go on and on about products I love but those are the ones who made the cut this month. Have you tried any of the products above? If so, let me know and I would love to hear what ye think of them. 

Thank you so much for reading.
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Monday, 28 September 2015

Birthday Q&A

Hi everyone.

So today I turned 24 and to mark the occasion I have decided to do a little Q&A blog post. The questions flooded in particularly through Snapchat so I am gonna answer most of them below.

#1 Emma asked: Have you always been interested in makeup? How did you decide to get involved in makeup and blogging?
I have always loved makeup. I remember buying my first ever makeup product and it was a panstick like foundation that was literally yellow in colour. At the time I thought I was gorgeous!!

After a few years in the beauty industry I wanted to share my beauty knowledge and experiences with an audience so I felt like blogging was a good way to do just that and it went from their really. 

#2 Jen asked: What motivates me when I am feeling low? Like bottom of the barrel low? What motivates me to keep going?
I think when you really hit a low point and are feeling down it is so important to give yourself some time to relax and recuperate. When you put your life online it can get pretty daunting so a step back helps.

What motivates me to get up and going again can be a number of different things but usually it is women who inspire me. My biggest inspirations at the moment are Marissa Carter and Suzanne Jackson. 

#3 Sonya asked: What do you like and dislike about being a blogger?
What I like about being a blogger is the fab events, the people I get to meet, the friendships I have made through blogging and the chance to trial and review a wide variety of beauty products.

What I dislike about being a blogger is that I don't have as many hours in the day as I would like to get more blogging done but as they say ''You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce''!

#4 Ellie asked: Are you going to do a masterclass in Tipperary?
At the moment masterclasses aren't something I do via my blog but maybe in time... who knows?!

#5 Alison asked: What is your favourite foundation?
This is a tricky one because I find with foundations I go through phases depending on my skins needs. Right now I am loving the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and the DIOR SkinStar Foundation. Other foundations I like are Catrice Nude Illusion Makeup and La Roche Posay Tolleraine Teint Fluid.

#6 Katie asked: Would you like to be a full time blogger?
I don't know if I have a straight answer to this. There is pros and cons. Pros being I love to blog and would more than likely get to spend a lot more time with Josh and Jake. The cons would be that I would have to leave my current job which I love!!

#7 Lauren asked: What palette is your favourite? One that isn't to expensive.
Right now my favourite palette is the Pippa for Blank Canvas Cosmetics palette. It contains six gorgeous eyeshadows, a bronzer, a blusher and a highlighter so it is perfect for just firing in your handbag. I use my Pippa palette pretty much everyday. The eyeshadow 'Tobi' and the highlighter 'Lulu' are my favourites.

#8 Ellen asked: Who is my favourite snapchatter?
Ohh my God it's so hard to pick just one but I have to admit I always watch James Butler's snaps first if his same is on my list. His Fron snaps and his hiyaaaa kill me everytime. His username is jamespatrice if you want to follow him. Other people I love to watch on snapchat is cartermarissa, facesbygrace23 and justjordanblog.

#9 Zoe asked: Who is your favourite beauty vlogger/youtuber?
My favourite beauty vlogger is Karen from Lovely Girly Bits. I only started watching her videos recently and I love them. She has such a fun and friendly personality that comes across so well in her videos. I find myself sitting down to watch one or two and end up watching ten!!

#10 Jane asked: What is your favourite website to buy beauty products from? One that has free delivery.
My favourite website to pick up beauty products is It is an Irish website that offers free delivery on orders over €30. They stock Sleek, NYX, Cocoa Brown, Catrice and loads more. 

#11 Layla asked: What is your favourite quote?
I have a few. I don't think I could pick just one but they are ''Get up, dress up, show up and never give up'', ''Don't let compliments go to your head or criticism go to your heart'' and last but not least is one I heard only recently but I love it and that is ''Her success is not your failure.'' 

#12 Billie asked: What is your favourite TV programme or movie?
TV programmes I love are Friday Night Dinner, Black Books and Gavin and Stacey...all Netflix addictions. My favourite movie right now randomly enough is The Shawshank Redemption. I watched it recently for the very first time and funnily enough it is on again literally right now as I am typing.

#13 Michella asked: What beauty product have you repurchased the most?
I'm gonna say either false tan or eyelashes!! I use both of them pretty much everyday. My favourite eyelashes are the Eylure Demi Whispies or the Primark Sultry lashes and my favourite tan is the Cocoa Brown 1Hour Dark Mousse. I am also loving their new Bronzing Gels in the Shimmer version. It is just so shimmery and gorgeous.

#14 Elaine asked: What are your favourite lipsticks? Which ones last the best?
My absolute favourite lipsticks right now are the Urban Decay Matte Revolution collection. I have shades 1993, Bittersweet and Tilt and the longevity in these is incredible. They are matte lipstick but they aren't at all drying on the lips.

Other ones I love are the Rimmel Provocalips and the Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipsticks. 

#15 Linda asked: What do you use to exfoliate?
I'm not sure if Linda was asking what I use to exfoliate my face or my body so I will answer both. For my face I use the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. This product is an absolute must have in every womans bathroom. For my body I use Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff. It is perfect for removing stubborn tan and prepping the skin for a new application.

#16 Una asked: What do you do to relax?
I don't often get time to relax. I always seem to be on the go but when I do get some me time I love to have a bath complete with my favourite Pixy Natural products. I also love to paint my nails, spend time with my friends, drink an insane amount of tea and of course cuddles with my little boy and other half.

#17 Charlene asked: Who is your favourite blogger?
I couldn't pick just one and that is the honest truth. I am blogging almost two years now and in that time I have made some incredible friendships. In most cases I follow different bloggers for different things. Every blogger has their niche so yeah I couldn't pick just one.

#18 Kelliann asked: What are your favourite nail varnish?
Working in the beauty industry and of course being a beauty blogger I have used soooo many different brands of nail polish. My favourites that tick all the boxes for me are SOSU by Suzanne Jackson, CND Vinylux and the Rimmel ones. All of these have a fab colour selection and they last really well to.

#19 Colette asked: Do you ever buy makeup from eBay or Amazon?
I only purchase my makeup from a reputable store, counter or website. There is too many scary stories out there about dangerous counterfeit makeup and I would be to scared to take the risk.

#20 Shelly asked: How old is Jake?
Jake will be one year old in just over two weeks. I am so excited for his birthday party but I am in total shock and denial that he is growing up so quick!!

#22 Paula asked: Have you any tips for someone who wants to start a blog?
This is a blog post in itself but I think the main things to focus on are good content, engaging with your readers, good photography and make the most of social media. Maybe when I am blogging another year or so all going well I will write a full post on all my tips. 

#22 Vicki asked: What are your favourite clothing websites?
The website I buy most of my clothes from is This site always gaurentees good quality for an affordable price tag. It is the nearest thing to an online Penneys us gals are gonna get!! 

Other clothing website I like are In The Style, Fearless Clothing, Missguided and River Island.

#23 Gillian asked: Lyons or Barrys?
I have to admit that this question made me laugh a little bit. I opened the snap and was so confused. I was like who is Barry?? Then I realise Gillian was talking about teabags. To be honest I think tea is tea...once it's warm and sugary I'm a happy lady. It is my coffee that I am incredibly fussy over.

#24 Debbie asked: What is your favourite perfume?
I wear different perfumes according to whether it is night or day time and of course seasons. Right now because it is practially Winter I love DIOR Poison, Jimmy Choo Flash aaaaand Armani She.

I hope you all enjoyed my birthday Q&A. Thank you soooo much to everyone who sent me questions. There was plenty more that I didn't get to but I will do a Q&A on Snapchat soon. If you aren't following me you can do so by adding liploublog.

Thank you for reading.
Have a great week.


Sunday, 27 September 2015

Brand Spotlight | Urban Decay

One of my favourite brands ever is Urban Decay. I love their counters, their palettes, their packaging and I have yet to discover a product from them that I don't love. Today I want to talk to you guys about some eye and lip products from their latest collection. 

First up is the Urban Decay Brow Beater. There is rumours out there in the make up world that this product is an exact dupe for the Anastasia Brow Wiz. This I cannot confirm as I have only used the Urban Decay one but they do look exactly alike and I have every faith in Urban Decay being just as good. I guess I am just throwing that information in to show you guys just how highly this product is rated. 


So one end of the Urban Decay Brow Beater is a retractable eyebrow pencil and the other end has a little spoolie. The purple packaging is to die for and it is just so slim, compact and lightweight. The Brow Beater is ideal for creating that perfect arched brow that we all crave or if you already have full eyebrows it is ideal for filling in sparse areas. 

What I love most about this product is the consistency of the pencil. It is almost slightly gel like so there is no dragging of the pencil or harsh lines in your brows. My advise would be to use gentle strokes and work towards either a natural or more dramatic look. The beauty of the Brow Beater is that you are totally in control of the finished result.

Once you have that perfect brow created you obviously want to make sure it stays in place all day right? That's where the Urban Decay Brow Tamer comes in. The Brow Tamer is basically a light weight formula that you apply to your shaded in brows to hold them in place, add colour or both.

If you are lucky enough to have been blessed with natural full eyebrows then this product can be used alone to add a more control and a dense look to the brows. What I love about it is the brush size. It isn't too big or too small. The Brow Tamer is also brill for brushing through the brows to make sure your shader product is evenly applied. 

The Urban Decay Brow Tamer is available in five different shades so there is one to suit every brow!

I am using the Brow Beater and Brow Tamer in all photos featured in this blog post.

I love lipstick. I love a really good lipstick and the new Urban Decay Matte Revolution lipsticks tick all the boxes for me. I have the shades 1993, Bittersweet and Tilt and they are just phenomenal. Despite being matte they are incredibly smooth to apply and not at all drying on the lips. The longevity of them is so impressive. They are the ones I reach for most mornings. The only issue I have with them is trying do decide which one to wear.

Channel your inner Kylie Jenner with 'Matte 1993'. It is a stunning medium brown shade that is perfect for Autumn Winter. I was a little nervous the first day I wore it because it completely took me out of my lipstick comfort zone but I really liked it and I got lots of compliments on it.

'Matte Tilt' is a bright and bold orange which is so gorgeous with a brown smokey eye and a strong contour. 

My favourite Matte Revolution lipstick out of the three I own is 'Matte Bittersweet'. This is a bright purple that speaks for itself. Whenever I wear this I keep my eye makeup quite minimal. It looks incredible with a small amount of liner and big lashes. This will be my signature look for the Winter months. 

Have any of you guys tried these products? If so, let me know what you thought of them.
I love to hear from ye.

Urban Decay can be purchased in all Debenhams stores or online HERE.

Have a great Sunday and a fabulous week.
Love Melissa x

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

FLORMAR | Nail Polish Review

Flormar seems to be the hottest brand around at the moment. Everyone is talking about it and everyone is super excited about it's recent launch in Ireland. The first time I ever came across Flormar a few years ago in Barcelona where it was an actual shop and not just a stand. Even though I am brutal with directions I always found my way back to the store to pick up some bits.

The first Flormar product I ever bought was one of their nail polish in a bright neon pink shade. I loved it!! It was so gorgeous against a strong tan. In light of that I think it's only fair that the first Flormar product I review is nail polish. Today I am going to show you just a few shades from their collection and tell you a little about them. 

Flormar Matte White Board is probably my favourite of the whole collection. As always I apply a base coat, two thin layers of colour and a top coat to give my nail paint some protection from chipping and peeling. I have worn this shade a few times and everytime I get atleast five days out of it which is incredibly impressive for such an affordable brand.

Another thing I love about Flormar Matte White Board is that it manages somehow to stay super clean unlike white polishes I have used in the past.

Flormar Purr Cat is a gorgeous nude shade and definitely one every girl needs in her collection. I used this polish with both a matte and a high shine top coat and it looked great.

Just like the matte polish above I got roughly about five days out of it before the first little chip appeared. Applying thin layers and allowing each one dry fully before painting on the next will give you the best results.

Also I just think the shade name Purr Cat is super cute!! A girl really cannot have too many nude lip or nail colours. 

I was also sent out the gorgeous bright and vibrant shades below. From left to right we have NO13, JL03 Coral Red and QD03 Bright Coral. 

The neon pink shade (NO13) is very similar to the one I purchased on my holidays. I wore this on my hands and my toes and it was a fab little lift to a dark outfit. 

The jelly look shade (JL03 Coral Red) applies a teeny tiny bit thicker to the nails to the other polishes but that's okay. The intention of ''jelly look'' is to give that gel polish finish look to the nail. 

Last but not least is a stunning quick dry coral shade, QD03 Bright Coral. To be honest I thought that all the Flormar polish dried fast but if you are in a rush leaving the house this one is a slight bit quiker. It's perfect for all you girlies who leave the nail painting until the last minute.

Which of the above do you like the look of?
Have you tried any of the Flormar polishes or any other product from the new and exciting range?

You can let me know below or at any of my social media sites.
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You can purchase Flormar products online on the Simply Foxy website or you can click HERE to find your nearest stockist.

Thanks so much for reading.
Love Melissa x

DISCLAIMER: The products featured in the post above were gifted to me by the Flormar PR but that in no way sways or alters my opinion of them. I am never anything but 100% honest in all of my blog posts. 


Earlier this week I announced the very exciting news that 'Lipstick And Louboutins Blog' has been nominated for Hi Magazine's Blogger Of The Year. I am now delighted to inform you guys that voting lines are now OPEN.

To vote all you need to do is email Lipstick And Louboutins to and it would mean the world to me!! Voting is free and is open until November 3rd at 9PM.

PHOTO CREDIT: HI Magazine facebook page

To reach the shortlist of this category is such an honour and it would be completely overwhelming to win. So if you enjoy reading Lipstick And Louboutins as much as I enjoy writing it then vote for me...and tell your friends to vote to!! ;) 

I would also like to wish the very best of luck to my fellow bloggers and to all the other nominees in whatever their category may be. 

Thank you all so much for your continued support.

Lots of love,
Melissa x

Sunday, 13 September 2015

TODAY ONLY | In The Style 20% OFF Everything!!

Today only one of my favourite websites have 20% OFF the entire site. All you need to do to avail of this discount is type in 'TWENTYOFF' during the checkout process. 

Below you will find some of my favourite pieces that will make amazing additions to an Autumn Winter Wardrobe. 

Nostalgia Black Faux Suede Frindged Ankle Boots £39.99
What I like about these boots is the fringing which is very much still in trend and the height of the heel. It is perfect for everyday wear.

Sascha Laced Swing Dress £27.99
No wardrobe is complete with the perfect LBD...or ten! I think this one has the perfect balance of classy and sexy. The high neck and lace detailing on the arms is to die for!!!

Thena Black Embroidered Cami Top £15.99
There is just something about this co-ord that is luring me in and making me curious. I love it's oriental vibes and the gorgeous colours. It reminds me of a dress my mammy owns and it is always so stunning on her.

Nadia Khaki Dip Side Shirt £22.99
Two things I LOVE about this shirt is the colour and the way the back of it hangs down below your bum making it perfect to wear with leggings. The long sleeves also allow you to wear a sleeveless jacket comfortably. This gorge shirt is also available in Burgundy.

Makani Rust Sleeveless Trench Coat £24.99
Two things that will be huge this AW is trench coats and this kind of burnt orange, rust colour. It is stunning with dark denims and gold jewellery.

There is many, many more gorgeous pieces on the website so browse at your own risk! If you want to keep up to date with future In The Style discount codes then follow them on Snapchat. You will also get sneek peaks at upcoming styles, backstage at photoshoots etc.

Their Snapchat username is: inthestyle

Thank so much for reading guys!

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Sunday, 6 September 2015

One Dress Worn Two Ways For Only €20!

I was having a browse online for a few new bits for my Autumn Winter wardrobe when I came across this beaut of a dress from It was love at first sight. I loved how striking and classy it looked so I ordered it straight away!! I ordered a size 12 as I wanted to wear it slightly baggy but I'm sure a size 10 would have fit me to. If you are unsure about your sizing then check out Boohoo's very helpful size guide. 

On Wednesday night I attended a press event for So...? Fragrance in one of my favourite venues, House, Leeson Street, Dublin.

I paired my dress with these gorgeous lace up heels which were only €22 from good old Penneys. My little square white bag is also from Penneys but it is a few months old so I doubt they are still in stock. One of my followers actually described my outfit as ''very Chanel looking'' so I was over the moon with that!!

To add some Autumn Winter vibes I wore the new Urban Decay Matte Revolution lipstick in 'Bittersweet' which I got LOADS of compliments for. These lipsticks have a beautiful range of colours and fantastic staying power. I will have a post up on them soon so keep an eye out!!

Today Josh, Jake and myself headed to Blarney Castle for a walk around and we had a cute little picnic. Where we were going was actually kept secret from me by Josh so I wasn't sure what to wear when I copped my beloved Boohoo dress with my ironing. 

I kinda thought okay well with leggings it will be kinda dressy casual and the flats will be comfy so I went with it. My leggings are from Dunnes Stores and the lace up flats are from Penneys. Where else?

I love how similar these flat lace ups are to the ones above. They are the perfect shoes to take an outfit from day to night and back again. 

For more info on the dress or to see more pictures click HERE.

Thank you so much for reading.
Chat soon.

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