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REVIEW | EyeCANDY London Gel System

Finally I am getting to review the amazing EyeCANDY London Gel Wrap System. This review post is actually long overdue. I had intended on posting it weeks ago but a technical error meant I lost all the images...devastated!!


When it comes to nail products I am so fussy. This is because I have worked in the industry for a few years now so I know what I want, I know what I like but most importantly I know what works.

To be honest when I first researched the EyeCANDY London Gel Wrap System I wasn't sure what to make of it. It is basically a three step system that offers a chip free and flawless manicure without the need for a UV lamp. That being said I was very excited to try it out as I love trying new products. All in the name of blog research of course! ;)

Since I received this product I have no word of a lie used it on my nails 99.9% of the time when I have been painting them and I am happy to report that it is without doubt one of the best (if not the best) nail products I have EVER used. I am literally just so excited to tell you guys all about it and just how good it is.

Using the EyeCANDY London Gel Wrap System I can get easily atleast a week out of my manicure, sometimes longer. I have trialled and tested the base and top coat with many different brands of nail varnish varying hugely in price and it never lets me down. 

Well first off you need to apply your EyeCANDY London Gel Wrap System base coat. This will protect against splitting, peeling and cracking while also providing a smooth foundation and base for your colour layer. Base coat is essential for helping nail polish adhere to your nail and to help avoid any staining of the natural nail which may occur without a base.

Next you apply your chosen nail colour. For best results apply your colour in two very thin layers allowing one layer to dry fully before you apply the next. I usually paint my nails while I am watching the soaps and put on a timer on my phone for the drying time. 

When you are happy that your colour layers are 100% dry you are ready to pop on your top coat. Applying top coat is my favourite part to doing a manicure. The EyeCandy London Gel Wrap top coat is so super shiny and is incredibly quick drying. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it doesn't apply thick and gloopy like other gel look nail polishes but instead it has a really smooth, easy to use consistency.

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So this is my manicure on day one. I used the EyeCANDY London base and top coat and the limited edition Catrice Cosmetics Plum And Done.
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Believe it or not this is my EyeCANDY London Gel Wrap System manicure after an incredible TEN DAYS!! The tiny chip on my pinky happened late into day nice and the other little chip on my index was the afternoon on the tenth day. Every other nail is still perfect!!
When it comes to removing your EyeCANDY London Gel Wrap System manicure or pedicure it could not be easier. There is no filing or buffing off the nail and there is no need for soaking in acetone or any kind of nail product removal substance. All you need is some good quality nail polish remover, I love the Cutex brands ones especially the one that is acetone free. It has the orange lid. Just to add that if your remover does contain acetone then that is perfectly okay you can still use it. I just have a big stock of acetone free nail polish remover in my house for when I am wearing my nail extensions.

How AMAZING does that sound??? 

If you love painting your nails, if you are a nail professional or if you just fancy a little treat you 100% need this base and top coat in your life. If I was to open a salon in the morning I would be grabbing plenty of these.

If you do want to purchase the EyeCANDY London Gel Wrap System you can do so on Amazon by clicking HERE and in most Tesco stores or Tesco online HERE. EyeCANDY London also do a stunning range of vibrant and long lasting nail colours aswell so be sure to check them out.

Thank you for reading.

Have a great Sunday.
Love Melissa. x



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