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No7 Early Defence Skincare | #SlowMoYourSkin

What is it? Anti aging skincare products from No7.

Where can I get it? Boots Ireland online and instore.

How much is it? Prices vary between products, more details below.

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What does it claim to do? The No7 Early Defence Skincare products claim that they ''Protect and boosts young skin's natural defences to help it look younger for longer.''

The three products I am going to discuss below were sent to me for trial and review by Boots Ireland. I love Boots pharmacies. They are always great for a stroll around and who can resist that 3 for 2 offer? I know I can't.

The products were actually sent to me mid April which is approximately fifteen weeks ago and I have been using them since. I feel it is important especially with skincare to really give it a good go and a good use. I just don't think you could have a good feel for the product after a few days and you more than likely wouldn't see or feel any dramatic effects. 

This day cream is incredibly light and non-greasy which makes it perfect for use in the morning under your makeup. With most moisturisers you are left standing there waiting for it to absorb a little before you can apply makeup but not with the Early Defence one. 

Because this moisturiser is hypo-allergenic it is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. The No7 Early Defence Day Cream has a mild, fresh scent which isn't at all over powering. In addition to that it boasts five star UVA protection and SPF 15 to ensure your skins protection. 

For best results apply the No7 Early Defence Day Cream to your face and neck each morning after cleansing. Check it out HERE

The hypo-allergenic Early Defence night cream differs to the day cream slightly in consistency. The night cream is almost more like a gel except not as thick as standard gels obviously. It is incredibly hydrating and similar to the day cream in that it absorbs quite quickly. 

The night cream delivers a boost of care to your skin that continues while you sleep to help it recover from daily damage. Some nights for a little luxury I mixed some of my Early Defence Night Cream with my favourtie serum for a deep and intense treatment. I always woke up the following morning with glowing, smooth and super soft skin. 

For best results apply the No7 Early Defence Night Cream to your face and neck each evening after cleansing. Check it out HERE.

I am a little ashamed and embarrassed to admit this but shock horror this is the first eye cream I have used properly for a decent amount of time. It was always just a product I ignored which is total madness. Thank God Boots Ireland and No7 mended the errors of my ways!

So the Early Defence Eye Cream is a fantastic little product which is enriched with Vitamin C to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Just like the day and night cream it is hypo-allergenic making is suitable for sensitive skin. The eye cream is light and non-pore blocking which is always a massive bonus. 

It is specifically designed for the delicate areas around your eyes and uses lipopeptides and Vitamin A to help reduce the appearance of the first fine lines. I have yet to get any thank God. 

For best results apply the No7 Early Defence Eye Cream in little dots around your eyes and gently blend around the eye contour morning and evening. Check it out HERE.

Good skincare is so incredibly important and prevention is much easier to achieve than reversing it. A little phrase I always try to live by regarding skincare is ''In your twenties you have the skin that God gave you and in your forties you have the skin that you gave yourself.'' 

Have you tried the No7 Early Defence skincare range or any other No7 products for that matter? What are your favourites? Let me know in a comment below or at any of my social media sites.

Oh and don't forget the beloved Boots 3 for 2 offer!!

Thank you SO much for reading.
Love Melissa. x

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