Tuesday, 25 August 2015

If I Won The Lotto!!

I had a good think last night while I was lying on the couch being a sick puppy about what I would buy if I ever won the Lotto!! Now before I go any further I want to highlight the fact that all the materialistic things mentioned below would absolutely and 100% come after ensuring my family, friends, charities etc were all looked after... 

This post is merely just a little bit of fun!!

#1 | Christian Louboutin 'So Kate' 120 in nude.

PHOTO CREDIT: www.pinterest.com

I need, want and must have these babies in my life. Just look at how beautiful they are! IF I won the Lotto in the morning I would personally knock on Mr. Louboutin's door for these gorgeous, timeless shoes. I named my blog Lipstick And Louboutins purely based on my unending love of brightly coloured lips and a longing for these shoes. 

At the moment the price tag attached to Louboutins just doesn't match my budget or even what I would be willing to pay right now but maybe someday!!

#2 | A baby pink Volkswagen Beatle.

PHOTO CREDIT: www.yeswecanjourney.wordpress,com

I'm not quite sure why but I have always wanted one of these cars...with a snow white interior!! I just think they are so cute and girly... I'm not sure Josh or even little Jake would be quite as enthusiastic.

#3 | Bora Bora Island

So once I had my Louboutins and my super cute, girly car I would book a flight to Bora Bora Island. I have never been to Bora Bora but I often look up flights or just google image it and daydream!!
PHOTO CREDIT: www.artofadventure.net

The photos online look so fricking amazing. I would love to pack a flight with everyone I love and go here for a really relaxing holiday. Imagine the outfit posts I could take there? I can just see myself chilling in the hammock above blogging away.

PHOTO CREDIT: www.sofitel.com
#4 | The Dream House

PHOTO CREDIT: www.tackk.com

I would build a ridiculously big house, something like the one pictured above. I love the huge pool and the stairs each side. It reminds me of my favourite childhood movie Beauty And The Beast for some reason.

If I lived in a house THAT big I would design a room for each of my family members to reflect their personalities and fill it with things they love so that when they visit it would be like a little haven for them. I would obviously have the standard walk in wardrobe, vanity room etc but for me home is more about family.

One thing I dislike about huge houses (that I creep online) is how sterile some of them can look sometimes. I would fill mine with photos and memories and just make it really cute and homely. 

#5 | The biggest beauty salon and hairdresser the world has EVER seen!!

IMAGE CREDIT: www.beautytherapytrainer.co.uk

Beauty is my passion. It's what I am qualified in, it's what I blog about and it is what I love. If I won the Lotto I would build a humongous salon where I would hire the best of the best and we would cover everything right across the board. Whatever treatment you can think of we will do it. It would be just a huge shopping centre sized salon. Imagine that??

So what would you do if you won big bucks? 
Let me know.
Melissa. x


Monday, 24 August 2015

REVIEW | Ziaja Cocoa Butter Must Haves!!

With key ingredients like Vitamin E, Omega 6 and 3 and an irresistable cocoa scent it is easy to see why the Ziaja Cocoa Body Butter is so popular. The Vitamin E soothes and hydrates while the Omega 6 and 3 impoves the skins elasticity, softness and skintone. 

I found the Ziaja Cocoa Body Butter to be very rich and and creamy without being greasy. After application it dries in pretty quick unlike some body butters. It is ideal for extending the life of your false tan and will also ensure an even fade. On warm days, the few we do get in Ireland the Ziaja Cocoa Body Butter can be applied to soothe the skin after being exposed to the sun. 

Priced at only €7.99 it is an incredible bargain and it is worth purchasing for the scent alone. 

The Ziaja Cocoa Butter Hand Cream contains two essential ingredients to soothe, condition and moisturise the hands, cocoa butter and canola oil. It is an ideal product for anyone with excessively dry hands and/or cuticles. As a result of the base ingredient being cocoa butter this hand cream is a lot thicker and more nourishing than your standard one so it delivers a much more intense treatment without being greasy. 

A lot of people don't realise this but a good hand cream can also help to protect and strengthen your nails from peeling, cracking, spliting, breaking etc. Also I haven't tried it yet myself but the Ziaja Cocoa Butter Hand Cream can also be applied to dry heels on your feet...amazing!! I love a multi tasking product. I have this hand cream in my handbag most days and I love reaching for it when my paws need a little TLC.

If you fancy a little affordable treat then give the Ziaja Cocoa range a go. They also have a shampoo, conditioner, a shower gel, a scrub, a face mask and lots more in their collection so be sure to check it out.

Ziaja is available in independent pharmacies nationwide, Shaw's Department Stores and online at www.originalbeauty.ie.

Love Melissa. x


Sunday, 23 August 2015

REVIEW | EyeCANDY London Gel System

Finally I am getting to review the amazing EyeCANDY London Gel Wrap System. This review post is actually long overdue. I had intended on posting it weeks ago but a technical error meant I lost all the images...devastated!!

IMAGE CREDIT: www.amazon.co.uk

When it comes to nail products I am so fussy. This is because I have worked in the industry for a few years now so I know what I want, I know what I like but most importantly I know what works.

To be honest when I first researched the EyeCANDY London Gel Wrap System I wasn't sure what to make of it. It is basically a three step system that offers a chip free and flawless manicure without the need for a UV lamp. That being said I was very excited to try it out as I love trying new products. All in the name of blog research of course! ;)

Since I received this product I have no word of a lie used it on my nails 99.9% of the time when I have been painting them and I am happy to report that it is without doubt one of the best (if not the best) nail products I have EVER used. I am literally just so excited to tell you guys all about it and just how good it is.

Using the EyeCANDY London Gel Wrap System I can get easily atleast a week out of my manicure, sometimes longer. I have trialled and tested the base and top coat with many different brands of nail varnish varying hugely in price and it never lets me down. 

Well first off you need to apply your EyeCANDY London Gel Wrap System base coat. This will protect against splitting, peeling and cracking while also providing a smooth foundation and base for your colour layer. Base coat is essential for helping nail polish adhere to your nail and to help avoid any staining of the natural nail which may occur without a base.

Next you apply your chosen nail colour. For best results apply your colour in two very thin layers allowing one layer to dry fully before you apply the next. I usually paint my nails while I am watching the soaps and put on a timer on my phone for the drying time. 

When you are happy that your colour layers are 100% dry you are ready to pop on your top coat. Applying top coat is my favourite part to doing a manicure. The EyeCandy London Gel Wrap top coat is so super shiny and is incredibly quick drying. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it doesn't apply thick and gloopy like other gel look nail polishes but instead it has a really smooth, easy to use consistency.

Displaying 20150719_210607.jpg
So this is my manicure on day one. I used the EyeCANDY London base and top coat and the limited edition Catrice Cosmetics Plum And Done.
Displaying 20150725_231319.jpg
Believe it or not this is my EyeCANDY London Gel Wrap System manicure after an incredible TEN DAYS!! The tiny chip on my pinky happened late into day nice and the other little chip on my index was the afternoon on the tenth day. Every other nail is still perfect!!
When it comes to removing your EyeCANDY London Gel Wrap System manicure or pedicure it could not be easier. There is no filing or buffing off the nail and there is no need for soaking in acetone or any kind of nail product removal substance. All you need is some good quality nail polish remover, I love the Cutex brands ones especially the one that is acetone free. It has the orange lid. Just to add that if your remover does contain acetone then that is perfectly okay you can still use it. I just have a big stock of acetone free nail polish remover in my house for when I am wearing my nail extensions.

How AMAZING does that sound??? 

If you love painting your nails, if you are a nail professional or if you just fancy a little treat you 100% need this base and top coat in your life. If I was to open a salon in the morning I would be grabbing plenty of these.

If you do want to purchase the EyeCANDY London Gel Wrap System you can do so on Amazon by clicking HERE and in most Tesco stores or Tesco online HERE. EyeCANDY London also do a stunning range of vibrant and long lasting nail colours aswell so be sure to check them out.

Thank you for reading.

Have a great Sunday.
Love Melissa. x


Sunday, 16 August 2015

My Favourite Snapchat Users

The world and it's mother are on Snapchat nowadays and sure what harm? It's great craic. I have recently started using it a lot more and I am getting an incredible responce. I think it's a great way for my followers to get to know me rather than just reading posts all the time.

What I mainly feature on my snapchat (liploublog) is my adorable little baby boy Jake and a lot of makeup and beauty related snaps and videos. Along with that you can expect to be brought along on shopping trips, days out and just my general day to day life. 

Today's post is going to be on my favourite snapchatters. I am going to have a mix of my friends, fellow bloggers, celebs, brands, shops etc.

FYI: The photos used below are from the persons current facebook profile photo. I thought it was a little less creepy than screenshotting them on Snapchat!!

There isn't a woman is this world quite as unique and quirky as my friend and fellow blogger Jessika from Chaos Wearing Lipgloss blog. Her snaps contain beauty, fashion, lots of events and plenty of chit chat from the woman herself which is always highly entertaining. She is so natural infront of the camera and what you see on Snapchat is exactly what you get in real life. I feel like Jess TV or atleast Jess FM should be a thing. 

Username: jessikaminaj

PHOTO CREDIT: Chaos Wearing Lipgloss FB page.

When it comes to treating myself or needing an outfit for a special occasion Cari's Closet is first on my hitlist. Expect to see lots of snaps of the gorgeous Lena who is the face of Cari's model their stunning dresses. Cari's Closet owner, Lisa also shares a glimpse at her family life which is so sweet. Only last night there was a photo in her story of herself and her other half walking along the street hand in hand and it looked like something from an ad campaign. It was stunningly romantic. If you have a debs, wedding or occasion coming up you need to follow them and get ready to screenshot!!

Username: cariscloset
PHOTO CREDIT: Cari's Closet Facebook page.

Another clothing brand I love to follow on Snapchat is Penneys!! They don't snap often which is such a pity but when they do I want everything. It is such a handy way to see current and upcoming stock. I'm still dreaming about a pair of boots I saw on it about a month ago!

In all seriousness though what would we do without Penneys? I know I wouldn't have a stitch to wear most days!!

Username: primarksnap
IMAGE CREDIT: Penneys/Primark Facebook page. 

Fellow Cork girl and blogger Lisa from Just Jordan blog is one of the funniest women on Snapchat. If I see her username in my list of stories I almost always watch hers first. Expect to see plenty of fashion and lots of her day to day life. I am so envious of her hair. It is like a magical combination of Barbie and Pocahontas. The carry on of her with her hubbie is hilarious. She loves preparing gorgeous, home-cooked meals for him...NOT! 

Username: justjordanblog

PHOTO CREDIT: Just Jordan facebook page.

Lauren Arthurs from Love Lauren is one of my favourite fashion bloggers. Her style just kills it everytime. I love scrolling through her Instagram feed. It is just so chic and glamorous. She poses and takes photographs like a professional model. Follow her on Snapchat for quick insights into her life either in Cork or London. 

Username: laurenarthurs

IMAGE CREDIT: Love Lauren Facebook page.

Whenever a chat comes up about Snapchat between me and a group of friends I always make them follow Karen from Lovely Girlie Bits. I honestly don't know what I would do without my daily dose of Karen and her adorable dog Bailey.

Karen's inability to drink a lot of coffee, her pubicles and her IKEA addiction make for excellent viewing. Her sense of humor is just so refreshing and comes so natural to her. If you aren't already following her then you are insane and you need to go find her ASAP. 

Username: lovelygirlybits

IMAGE CREDIT: Lovelygirliebits.com Facebook page.

When I say ''PRESENT YO'SELF'' who do you think of?? Well it should be James Kavanagh! I actually started following James on the recommendation of Karen from Lovely Girly Bits. She couldn't even speak because she was laughing so hard at his snaps and I was thinking ''Ah jaysus he can't be that funny!!'' but I am pleased to tell you all that he is!!

Following him on Snapchat was one of my better decisions in life. I actually don't watch his snaps in public anymore because I know I will be practically hyperventilating with the laughter. I am soooo fricking delighted that he has a facebook page now where he reposts his snapchat videos so they aren't gone forever after 24 hours... YAY! 

Username: jameskava

IMAGE CREDIT: James Kavanage Facebook page.

If you love fashion, namely BooHoo.com then you need to follow my girl Kate Kelly. She is like a walking advertisement for them. You can also expect to see snaps about products, snaps from events and some gorgeous healthy recipes from a friendly, positive and down to earth girly. 

Kate is the stunning red head behind one of my favourite blogs Pure Irish Sugar. We met last year at a blogger awards where we were both nominated in the same category and it was friendship straight away. Oh and just a word to the wise Kate is currently away on holidays so her snaps may make you insanely jealous.

Username: katekelly1

PHOTO CREDIT: Pure Irish Sugar blog Facebook page.
Last but definitely not least is a woman who needs no introduction, Marissa Carter. Marissa joined snapchat recently and it just wouldn't be the same without her now. From snaps of her beautiful baby girl Belle, a glimpse into her busy life to sneak peaks at new Cocoa Brown products Marissa's snapchat is a must see!! 

I absolutely love her makeup tutorials and how incredibly soothing and calm her voice is. I need to try out tontouring ASAP. Marissa posts quotes on her snapchat quite a lot and one from the other day has stuck in my head. I can't remember it exactly but it was basically about how you become like the five people that you spend most of your time with. She is just such an inspirational and admirable woman. 

Username: cartermarissa

Soooo that is my current favourite snapchat users. I would love to know who you guys love to follow and why. Also don't forget to follow me (liploublog) if you aren't doing so already.

Have a great week everyone.
Love Melissa. x


Friday, 14 August 2015

Lancome Paris | #SayItWithYourEyes

Last month I got a very exciting invite to attend a one on one makeup session with Lancome's pro elite makeup artist Shehla Shaikh in my local Brown Thomas. It was basically going to be just me and her playing around with some makeup and having a chat. Not only that but I got to see and try the new #SayItWithYourEyes collection. Shelah has previously counted the likes of Sienna Miller and Poppy Delevingne to name just a few among her clientele so I was in very good hands.

This mascara has become a permanent fixture in my makeup bag. I hardly ever wear my false eyelashes anymore when a few weeks I wouldn't be seen without them. 

The latest edition to the Lancome mascara family boasts 20% latex which promotes longevity and high pigmentation while the 2% less wax guarantees no stiffness. The applicator brush is a nice size aswell. I don't like a brush to be too big because I find them quite messy and I don't like a brush too small because it involves A LOT of work. The Hypnose Volume-a-Porter has a standard size, super flexible head for precision application. 

The best I can describe it is that it almost feels like you are combing your lashes while coating them with a deep intense colour. The 306 bristles promise a generous and even application without overloading your eyelashes to the point where they become spiders legs. 

I have worn this mascara pretty much daily over the past few weeks and it just doesn't smudge or feel too heavy on the lashes. It is almost like a creamy texture. 

Lancome Hypnose Volume-a-Porter Mascara before and after.

In addition to all the above the Hypnose Volume-a-Porter acts as a treatment over the course of a few weeks. It's complex enriched with Lancome Native Rose Cells helps leave your natural lashes much softer and more resistant for a thicker and more dense finish. Last but not least my favourite thing about this mascara is that it has a very subtle smell of fresh roses. How amazing is that? 

When it comes to a list of priorities in a females life eyebrows are right up near the top!! I struggle to remember a time when eyebrows weren't such a huge deal. Now and again when an ancient photo of me pops up I shudder at my brows or the lack thereof. 

The Sourclis Gel were actually the first product that Shehla showed me and straight away I knew I needed it. Because this product has a gel cream consistency it just melts onto the skin and is so easy to use. It makes my brows look so much more dense and full as well as defined. 

The Sourclis Gel comes in a very impressive range of six shades, I purchased Chatain. What I like about these gels is that you can use a small amount on no makeup or natural makeup days and get a gorgeous subtle look or you can create much more dramatic and defined brows by adding more product. 

PHOTO CREDIT: www.pinterest.com

If you are the kind of woman who likes to have more minutes in bed in the morning then the Ombre Hypnose Stylo is for you!!

These cream eyeshadow sticks are super light and full of pigment. The Ombre Hypnose Stylo can be worn alone for a full colour look that lasts all do or they can be used with other colours for a more defined look. 

I love using mine along my lower lash line and in the outer v of my eyelid. They also can be used as an eyeliner for a quick and easy to achieve look. They come in eight stunning shades so there is most definitely something to suit everyones style and taste.

Ombre Hypnose Stylo left to right: Or Inoubiable, Sable Enchante, Taupe Quartz, Brun Captivant, Erika F, Turquoise Infini, Blue Nuit and Violet Eternel.

PHOTO CREDIT: www.lolasbox.com

If you would like to purchase any of the products discussed above or any other items from the Lancome range you can do so right HERE.

Thank you so much for reading.
Talk soon.
Melissa x


Thursday, 6 August 2015

No7 Early Defence Skincare | #SlowMoYourSkin

What is it? Anti aging skincare products from No7.

Where can I get it? Boots Ireland online and instore.

How much is it? Prices vary between products, more details below.

Image source: www.boots.ie

Image source: www.boots.com

What does it claim to do? The No7 Early Defence Skincare products claim that they ''Protect and boosts young skin's natural defences to help it look younger for longer.''

The three products I am going to discuss below were sent to me for trial and review by Boots Ireland. I love Boots pharmacies. They are always great for a stroll around and who can resist that 3 for 2 offer? I know I can't.

The products were actually sent to me mid April which is approximately fifteen weeks ago and I have been using them since. I feel it is important especially with skincare to really give it a good go and a good use. I just don't think you could have a good feel for the product after a few days and you more than likely wouldn't see or feel any dramatic effects. 

This day cream is incredibly light and non-greasy which makes it perfect for use in the morning under your makeup. With most moisturisers you are left standing there waiting for it to absorb a little before you can apply makeup but not with the Early Defence one. 

Because this moisturiser is hypo-allergenic it is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. The No7 Early Defence Day Cream has a mild, fresh scent which isn't at all over powering. In addition to that it boasts five star UVA protection and SPF 15 to ensure your skins protection. 

For best results apply the No7 Early Defence Day Cream to your face and neck each morning after cleansing. Check it out HERE

The hypo-allergenic Early Defence night cream differs to the day cream slightly in consistency. The night cream is almost more like a gel except not as thick as standard gels obviously. It is incredibly hydrating and similar to the day cream in that it absorbs quite quickly. 

The night cream delivers a boost of care to your skin that continues while you sleep to help it recover from daily damage. Some nights for a little luxury I mixed some of my Early Defence Night Cream with my favourtie serum for a deep and intense treatment. I always woke up the following morning with glowing, smooth and super soft skin. 

For best results apply the No7 Early Defence Night Cream to your face and neck each evening after cleansing. Check it out HERE.

I am a little ashamed and embarrassed to admit this but shock horror this is the first eye cream I have used properly for a decent amount of time. It was always just a product I ignored which is total madness. Thank God Boots Ireland and No7 mended the errors of my ways!

So the Early Defence Eye Cream is a fantastic little product which is enriched with Vitamin C to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Just like the day and night cream it is hypo-allergenic making is suitable for sensitive skin. The eye cream is light and non-pore blocking which is always a massive bonus. 

It is specifically designed for the delicate areas around your eyes and uses lipopeptides and Vitamin A to help reduce the appearance of the first fine lines. I have yet to get any thank God. 

For best results apply the No7 Early Defence Eye Cream in little dots around your eyes and gently blend around the eye contour morning and evening. Check it out HERE.

Good skincare is so incredibly important and prevention is much easier to achieve than reversing it. A little phrase I always try to live by regarding skincare is ''In your twenties you have the skin that God gave you and in your forties you have the skin that you gave yourself.'' 

Have you tried the No7 Early Defence skincare range or any other No7 products for that matter? What are your favourites? Let me know in a comment below or at any of my social media sites.

Oh and don't forget the beloved Boots 3 for 2 offer!!

Thank you SO much for reading.
Love Melissa. x

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