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Wet n Wild | Lip Products I Am Lovin'

A few weeks ago the lovely Caroline from The Publicity Loft spoiled me with some Wet n Wild products. I hadn't actually tried much from this LA brand before so I was super excited to give them a go. If there is one thing I couldn't live without it is lipsticks, lipgloss etc. It is a woman's prerogative that we own atleast a couple of hundred in our life time! 

I am going to start with my favourite one of the bunch which is the Wet n Wild Balm Stain Moisturising Lip Colour in shade E129 Nudist Colony. As the name suggests it is incredibly moisturising. It is like a lip balm with a really good, intense colour. I found it just as moisturising as Vaseline only not at all thick or gloopy like Vaseline, making it perfect for anyone with dry lips. 

The use of the word stain in the name implys that it will last. I wore it to work and I found that it lasted well. It survived cups of tea but did need a little touch up after eating a big lunch but to be fair what lip colour doesn't? 

It got a few test runs and I loved it each time. I got lots of compliments with it and to every girl out there looking for the perfect nude lip colour this might just be the one. You can pick it up for €3.99 in all Wet N Wild stockists

Up next is the Wet n Wild Glossy Gloss Lip Gel in E313A Glass-T Off, which is the red shade and E311A Glass Confusion, the pink shade. 

These bad boys made my lips look HUGE. Like I am talking Kylie Jenner style. Usually I would sway towards matte lip products but because I have dry lips and a desperate habit of biting them matte lipsticks aren't always the best choice for me, atleast not for everyday wear. 

These are super easy to apply and give a good strong colour straight away. Being a gel consistency they do apply a little bit thicker than the Balm Stain mentioned above but that's okay, that's what gives you lips a little oomph to make them look fuller and super glossy.

I LOVE applying these to the centre of my lips to draw attention and light to there and to give the illusion of fuller lips. They are definetely a handy little bit of kit to have in your handbag. The glossy shine is stunning on a sunny day. They actually remind me so much of the Lancome Juicy Tubes. At €2.99 each they are most definitely cheaper than any dacent lip fillers out there.

Can ye even believe the colour payoff above is from a lip balm? It's gorgeous. When I started this review I said that the nude Balm Stain was my favourite but I am starting to doubt that now because I am now remembering how much I love this Wet N Wild Juicy Lip Balm which is cherry scented, one of my fav scents ever!! 

This lip balms smells AMAZING!! Like so good that I am worried I might take a bite out of it soon. It is gorgeous on it's own and ideal for under a red lippie to keep your lips hydrated and happy. 

Along with the cherry scented lip balm I received a watermelon one, which to be honest I didn't love. I have never ever liked the smell or taste of watermelon but that's just me being a fussy nelly. I gave it to my sister and she loved it. She has since picked up the cherry one. That one I wouldn't part with!! If you like watermelon then go for it!! These guys retail at a very affordable €4.49 each. 

Last but not least is the Wet n Wild Megaslicks Lip Gloss. These guys are great for no makeup or very natural makeup days. They are really shiny and make your lips look great with minimal effort. They are also super easy to reapply, you don't need to go concentrating on getting a super straight line like with a lipstick. They smell really good AND they are only €2.99 each. What a bargain!!

If you fancy trying out some Wet N Wild products for yourself than you can find your nearest stockist by clicking HERE.

If like me you are a Facebook addict you can 'like' Wet N Wild HERE and their Twitter handle is @WetnWildIRL. 

Lots of love.
Melissa x



  1. Great article! Good to know about these products and their reasonable price! X


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