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Blogger Tag | 10 Thing's You Didn't Know About Me

So now and again these kind of posts pop up where another blogger has tagged me in a post usually of questions to answer and they are a lot of fun. I don't always get around to actually doing them but I liked the questions that Rebecca from Rainbows And Fairydust Blog asked and I thought it would be a handy way for you all to get to know me a little better. 

1. Why did you start blogging?

Coming from a beauty background and working in the beauty and retail industry I thought writing a blog would be a good way to get some helpful and useful tips out there. 

2. If I could only use three makeup products for the rest of my life what would they be? 

Oooooh this is a tough one... Only three? Yikes!! One item I am sure of is the La Roche Posay Toleraine Teint foundation. I have been using this on and off for years and I LOVE IT. It has amazing coverage and incredible longevity. My second product would be false eyelashes because my eyeballs would be bald without them!! Finally, even though it is skincare and not makeup I just could not function without my Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. This stuff is magic for making your skin feel soft and smooth and look a lot brighter and healthier. 

3. Coffee or tea?

My first drink of the day is always a coffee. I love a caramel late... I know I am good to myself! For the remainder of the day then it would be tea. 

4. Favourite food?

My favourite food is the Chicago Town pizzas with the sauce in the crust. They are so yummy!! Dunnes Stores often do a deal called ''Big Night In'' where you can get a Chicago Town pizza, a box of ice creams and then either wedges or chicken dippers with it for only €5!!! I love it and hate it at the same time. 

5. Favourite place you have ever visited? 

My favourite place in the whole wide world (besides home obviously) is Barcelona. I met my better half Josh in Barcelona in 2007 and it was love at first sight with both him and the city. I'm such a soppy git I know but whatevs. We have gone back on holiday since and there is so much to see and do. 

I am also just going to throw in here that me and my sisters recently visited the Japanese Gardens in Kildare and OH MY GOD it is so beautiful there. It is honestly like another world. We didn't get to see it all because it was huge and we arrived late afternoon but I cannot wait to go back again. If I lived closer I would be in there everyday. The staff would be like ''Oh jaysus here's yer wan coming again!!'' 

Dress: Penneys €5
Shirt: Penneys €17
Sandals: Penneys but verrrry old.

6. My number one staple wardrobe piece...

at the moment it is my tulle skirt from Cari's Closet. So okay it isn't everyday you are gonna go full on Carrie Bradshaw and wear a tulle skirt but when I do get to wear it I feel like a princess lol!! I wanted it for so soooo long and finally got it back in February. I think the fact that I longed after it makes me appreciate having it so much more now.

Top: New Look €4.99
Skirt: Cari's Closet €69.00
Shoes: Savida €10 but they are sold out
Bracelets: Penneys €1.50
For anyone who is currently shopping around for a tulle skirt I highly recommend Cari's Closet. I have seen lots bought off eBay and other similar sites and there is a reason they are a lot cheaper. They are still pretty but my god they must be on a tulle skirt slimming world programme because there is very little fullness to most of them. However it does depend on your style and what kind of look you want. If you want full on Disney princess then you need to check out Cari's Closet.

7. How would I describe my style?

I would describe my style as achievable!! I know that sounds odd but let me explain. When I post my outfit of the day or OOTD posts as they are known in the blogging world to my social media sites I like people to see something that they could fly into town and pick up. 

Dress: Heatons €18.00
Sandals: Penneys but very old
Top: NewLook €4.99
Trousers: Swear By Fashion €24.95
Gold Bangle: Swear By Fashion €8.95
Handbag: Penneys €5.00

8. A place you have never been to but would like to visit...

A place I haven't been to but would like to visit would be the Bora Bora Islands. Have you ever done a google image search on these islands? They look amazing!!! I can just see myself there chilling in a hammock with my laptop blogging away. It is 100% on my honeymoon wish list.

PS. I am NOT engaged!! 

9. Your favourite highstreet shop.

Penneys...totes obvs! If it wasn't for Penneys I wouldn't have a stitch. I would be going around in the nip half the time. 

10. Your favourite makeup product.

I mentioned it above but my favourite makeup product at the mo is my La Roche Posay Toleraine Teint foundation. The base of any makeup look is just so important to get right and this foundation never lets me down. 

I am going to do more Q&A posts in the future because this one was so much fun. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed working on it. Thanks again to Rebecca for the tag and I will chat you all soon. Have a great week.

Melissa x

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