Saturday, 2 May 2015

SoSu by Suzanne Jackson Nail Collection Launch Party

SoSu by Suzanne Jackson Nail Collection Launch Party!
What I got up to and what I wore... 

How stunning does the SoSu collection look?

So any of you who follow any of my social media sites will know that last night I attended the exclusive SoSu by Suzanne Jackson launch party. On arrival we had our photos taken infront of her branding background by none other than celeb photographer Brian McEvoy. I always love this part of events. That thirty seconds when cameras are flashing at you makes you feel so famous lol!

After this we went into the area where the party was taking place and my God it was fab. It was just so elegant and classy. There was such a mix of styles and looks aswell which is always nice to have a peek at. There was stands of her polishes and promotional material everywhere. There was also girls doing manicures using the SoSu polish including one of my blogging girlos Michelle from NeedsNotWants Blog.

Everyone was chatting. There was lots of food and the prosecco was flowing. It's nice to be able to go to this kind of event and mingle and chat people. Suzanne then gave a great speech about her new brand, the work she put in and just basically how it all came about and what her hopes were for the brand. It was incredibly inspirational and also so cute because she had Dylan and her parents next her when she addressed the massive crowd. I can't imagine that was easy.

Myself & Kate Kelly from Pure Irish Sugar Blog

After that we continued to mingle and eat and drink of course. I even got a cheeky selfie with the woman herself which I was delighted about!! Lots and lots of you guys commented on my outfit. It is all from Missguided. I bought it for Jake's christening a few weeks back. I fell in love with the dress and I thought the baby blue bag and shoes with not only be gorgeous for the Spring Summer pastels trend but also the baby blue was a cute little addition to an outfit for a baby boys christening. 

The tan I wore was a tanning oil from TanOrganic. I really really love this tan. The first layer I applied was a really nice natural brown. I applied a second and it gave me the gorgeous colour in the pictures below. It was so easy to apply and is fading really even. It isn't at all patchy or blotchy. It is also the world's first certified eco friendly tan. I am so impressed. 

I picked up some of the SoSo gel nail polish last Monday and I found them incredibly impressive. The colour range is huge. All 25 shades are unique and equally fab! I picked up 'Rock Candy' because it reminded me of my beloved CND CakePop Shellac. I also got 'Boss Bitch' which is a beautiful bright fuschia pink. It is proper girly Barbie pink. I have a feeling it may be my favourite from the whole collection. I found the application really good. It applied really smooth and even with an easy to use brush. Professionaly speaking from my experience in the nail world it is vital that you apply a base and a top coat along with your colour for best results and to insure it lasts as long as it should. Following product guidelines correctly will pretty much guarantee good results. Like you can't go baking chocolate cake, leave out the chocolate and expect it to taste the same. Other tips to help polish last is to apply thin layers and to allow each layer dry fully before applying the next one. I usually set a timer on my phone. Obviously I cannot vouch for the durability yet because I only applied them Monday night but they are still perfect, still super shiny and I love them.
This is just ONE layer. Look at the amazing coverage.
This was the finished look. I THINK these are my two favourite colours from the SoSu collection. They are 'Rock Candy' and 'Boss Bitch'.

I got the shock of my life on Monday night when my phone went into a fit of vibrating. I didn't know what was going on and then realised that Suzanne had shared my nail photo across her SoSueMe Blog facebook, Twitter and both her instagrams. I was so delighted. I was instafamous for like an hour. I'm so looking forward to trying out more of the colours and also creating some nail art looks.

Have any of you guys picked up a SoSu gel nail polish yet? If you did, let me know what you think!!

Chat you guys soon.
Mel x


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