Friday, 15 May 2015

REVIEW | SoSu Gel Polish

What is it? A 25 colour gel polish collection.

Where can I get it? Full list of stockists HERE.

How much is it? RRP €7.99 each.

Unless you have been living under a rock lately you will have heard of, seen or even used the new SoSu by blogger Suzanne Jackson gel polish collection. It is a 25 shade gel colour collection which will last up to seven days...pretty amazing for a nail polish! So does it last?? My answer is...YES! 

The SoSu by SJ gel polish collection display in my local pharmacy. It is so beautiful!!
So the day the SoSu gel polish was released I rushed to my local pharmacy and picked up 'Boss Bitch' and 'Rock Candy'. Rock Candy reminds me of my beloved CND Shellac Cakepop which is a stunning baby pink. I LOVE baby pink. If I ever get married my wedding will be baby pink everywhere. Anyway back to the polish...
This was my first time ever using the polish. I included a little pout to represent Lipstick And Louboutins Blog. Suzanne shared this photo across her social media sites and it got a HUGE response.

My application technique
  • I filed my nails using an OPI 240 grit file and gently buffed the surface of my nail with an OPI 220/280 buffer, just to add some shape and smooth the surface.
  • I applied my favourite base coat and allowed it four minutes to dry.
  • I then applied layer one of 'Rock Candy'. I found the coverage even with just one layer very impressive. I set a timer on my phone and let this layer dry for 3-4 minutes.
  • Even though it wasn't really needed, I applied a second layer just to get the proper gel look from the polish. I allowed this to dry also.
  • Finally I popped on my favourite top coat making sure to cap the free edge to prevent chipping.
Benefits of using a base coat
  • Helps to prevent potential staining of the nail plate.
  • Allows the polish to adhere better to the natural nail therefor increasing the longevity.
  • A base coat will smooth the surface of the nail and improve the overall look of the polish. 
  • A fortified base coat will improve your nails condition.
Benefits of using a top coat
  • Gives a high shine and glossy finish to your nail paint.
  • It helps your mani to stay fresh and neat for longer.
  • Helps to prevent chipping.
  • Hides minor faults like fingerprints or dent which may have occured while your colour layers were drying. 
Other tips to achieve a flawless long lasting nail paint would be to apply each layer thinly and allow each layer dry fully before applying the next. Like I mentioned above I usually set a timer on my phone and just paint my nails while Jake is sleeping and I am chilling watching my soaps!!

DAY ONE: Chip free and super shiny!!

DAY TWO: Still going strong!!!

DAY THREE: Usually it is around day three that a polish starts to go a bit dodge but no my SoSu Rock Candy is still going strong!!

DAY FIVE: Can you guys even believe this is day five?AMAZING!!

After five days and A LOT of typing, texting, baby bottle washing, till using, box opening, window cleaning, floor sweeping, flower planting and just general mammy duties my SoSu Rock Candy got the tiniest chip on day six on my index finger when I was chilling in The G Hotel. I was so devastated but also completely amazed that I had gotten six days from a nail polish!!!! To be honest I wasn't surprised it was this nail that chipped because a couple of months back an acrylic nail enhancement broke clean off my nail and left some damage. As a result nothing lasts very long since on my wonky nail.

If you haven't tried the SoSu gel polish yet my advice is grab it while you can because it is selling out fast everywhere!! My next purchase in the SoSu nail collection is going to be either 'Money Talks' or 'I Do'. This is only the beginning for what looks set to be an amazing brand!


As always thank you so much for reading.
Have a fabulous weekend!!
Love Mel x

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  1. I'm really disappointed with these polishes and I've also seen other unhappy reviews. I have Rock Candy and can't go 24hrs without it chipping. I have tried various base and top coats with it and allowed each thin layer to dry but they still chip. Love the colours but I've had better quality from cheaper polishes.

    1. I have to agree with this comment also im so disappointed with the sosu nail polishes I bought 4 colours and the base coat and top coat I thought they would be that good, I really wish they were as im a big fan of sue. I have also done thin layers, set a drying time etc but they just dont last I dont seem to get the 24 hours even chip free, im happy it works for most but unfortunately I have to agree with the above comment I would get longer from a cheaper brand however the colours and glossy finish of the product are divine :-)

  2. The colours are absolutely fab I have to say, but extremely disappointed with the polish itself. My polish washed clean off in the sink 3 hours after applying it with an excellent top coat and base coat.
    I then tried it without the top coat and base coat and it chipped while I was in bed.... I couldn't believe it. Give me Essence and Catrice any day of the week.


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