Thursday, 7 May 2015

REVIEW | Anatomicals Lip Balm

REVIEW | Anatomicals Lip Balm

Hi everyone!! How are you all? I hope ye had a fab day. Tonight's review is on the cheekiest lip balms on the market by Anatomicals. Anatomicals is a brand I hadn't heard of until recently when I was contacted about it by a PR and I am so happy they brought it to my attention. I have been using these lip balms up and down since mid February and I am really loving them. The reason why I referred to them as the cheekiest lip balms on the market is because of their unique and quirky packaging. For example one of my lip balms says ''We only want you for your body'' and the other says ''to lesser lip products, we don't stick up two fingers, we stick up a whole hand (of bananas).'' The second one mentioned is actually banana flavoured which isn't a flavour of lip balm you would see everyday.

Seriously though? How cute and different are these? I always sing the Batman song in my head when I see the ''ba na na na na na''.

Dry and chapped lips are something I would suffer from purely because I am totally addicted to matte lipsticks which can be quite drying and I have a terrible bad habit of always biting my lips. I know, I am so bold!! I found these Anatomicals to be a huge help. They aren't sticky and actually stay on your lips unlike some lip balms which are gone running off your lips before you even have a chance to get the benefits from it. 

I LOVE lashing on a lip balm after removing my makeup at night time and getting into bed with it packed on. Josh does be snapping when I lean over for a kiss goodnight and it goes all over his lips! LOL!! The reason why I love putting it on at nighttime is because I then wake up with super smooth lips the following morning. I got clever and started using my ''Stop Cracking Up'' lip balm at nighttime and my banana flavoured one during the day because it contains an SPF 15 which yeah is quite low but it is still strong enough to protect your lips from burning and/or sun damage. 

Anatomicals do lots of other products aswell like face masks, fake tans, shower gels, cute hand sanatisers and more!! They are an incredibly affordable brand and their stuff can be purchased from Urban Outfitters on and

They are the only stockists I know of at the moment. If I discover anymore I will be sure to let ye know!!

Have a great week.
Catch you guys soon! x



  1. Great post Melissa! Might have to grab a few of these soon :)


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