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My Favourite Pixy Products

What is it? Pixy Natural Skincare is an Irish owned brand that use natural ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, coconut oil and many more to create gorgeous beauty products for face, hands and body. They have so many beautiful treats such as oils, scrubs, lip balms etc.

Where can I buy it? Pixy can be purchased online HERE and in selected pharmacies nationwide.

How much is it? All prices are attached to the images.

Whether you are looking for a little pick me up or a full on pamper night you need to get some Pixy Natural products. Please believe me when I say that they smell AMAZING. I wish there was a way you guys could rub the screen and smell the products! That would make it soooo much easier for me to explain just how incredible and luxurious these affordable products smell.

Spoiler alert but I LOVE the Pixy Cellulite Body Oil!!! I obviously use this on my body but I also love to add a small amount to some warm water and soak my hands in it. They feel so soft afterwards. The Pixy Cellulite Body Oil is infused with cypress essential oil to improve circulation, grapefruit essential oil to smooth cellulite and fennel essential oil which is known to rid the body of toxins and therefor help you battle the pain that is cellulite. Like with any body oils or creams you should really massage this in well using upward circular movements. A really great tip that Pixy give is to rub it between your hands and warm it up a little before's bliss!!!

Pixy Natural Cellulite Body Oil 40ml €9.95
Hands up who loves a bath bomb? If your hands aren't up then you are a liar!! :) The Pixy Natural aren't just any old bath bombs, these bad boys even have glitter on them!! How cute is that?? They have soooo many different scents available like tutti fruity, lavender, coconut, rosebud, honey and more. The one I was given to review was the tutti fruity one and it smells delish, kinda like a holiday smell. You know when you smell something and you don't know why but you're like ''mmmmh holidays''...well that happens me with the tutti fruity bath bomb. My other fav is coconut!! 

Pixy Natural Tutti Fruity Bath Bomb €3.45 each

The bath bombs also come in packs of three which make great gifts or extra special treats for yourself. You can check them out HERE.
Anyone who loves fake tan or has worn fake tan in the past will understand the absolute struggle of getting it off without leaving your skin red raw. The answer is the Pixy Natural Lime Body Scrubs!! Not only do they smell divine BUT they are the perfect exfoliator prior to tanning and your best friend for removing dodgy tan when the time comes. I was a lucky duck and was one of the first people to try out the new larger sized ones. This was a fantastic move on Pixy's behalf because now you can get a few uses out of the scrub. Everytime I walk into my bathroom I can smell mine. People often comment on how fresh my air freshener is and I'm like ''Girl no, that's my Pixy Stuff!!'' (LOL)!! 

Pixy Natural Lime Body Scrubs 90g €5.95
The Pixy Natural Soothing Body Palm is one of the products from the range that surprised me most because it reminded me of Decleor. For those of you who aren't familiar with Decleor it is a face and body range which is usually professionaly used and costs about ten times more than Pixy. I love the Decleor balms and I find this Pixy one to be really similar and just as luxurious!! As I am typing this I am having a gawk at the ingredients on the product... shea butter, cocoa butter, apricot oil, almond oil and many more. How fab does that sound? 

Initially the balm is kind of solid but when it makes contact with your skin it just melts in and feels divine!! Unlike other balms and oils the skin actually absorbs it quite fast. This is a huge plus when you want to put it on and get into your jammies.

Pixy Natural Soothing Body Balm 100ml €12.95

Ohh where to begin with the Pixy Muscle Soothing Bath Salts? Being a mammy, working full time and blogging means that I am always on the go!! I am up at 7am and I am lucky to be in bed by 11pm, that's going to bed early for me!! As a result I don't often allow myself time to relax or enjoy a bath BUT when I do this amazing magical powder comes out. Pixy recommend adding two tablespoons to running warm water, I'm usually bold and add about four but oh my god it is so good. I often get back pain particularly my lower back and I get great relief from the muscle soothing bath salts. 

Pixy Natural Muscle Soothing Bath Salts 350ml €9.95

This is the gorgeous Pixy Natural Skincare display in Brooks Pharmacy, Bandon, Co. Cork.
(Photo credit: Patrick Hogan)

Some pictures of other stunning products from the Pixy Natural Skincare range...

Pick up some Pixy!! You won't regret it!!
Have a great week.
Love Melissa x

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