Sunday, 31 May 2015

LASULA Lust List

One of my favourite online shopping sites for is offering 20% off their site using code 'PAYDAY20' (footwear excluded). I searched the whole website and saw so much that I loved I decided to do a 'lust list' post to share it with you all.

How FAB and girly are these floral high waisted pants? Weak!!! €28.04.
Every wardrobe needs a LBD and I think this beauty from LASULA has found the perfect balance between classy and sexy. The straps are adjustable and it is also available in white.
Buy black dress HERE.
Buy white dress HERE.
I LOVE the chevron monochrome printed skirt but I am not loving the top half of this dress so much but that's just my personal taste. I decided to include it incase any of my followers liked it! It is also available with a white lace top.
I love how this waistcoat actually highlights the waist. The gold zip detailing is gorge to. It is one of those pieces I can see myself getting lots of both day and night time wear from.
Can we just stop everything and admire how abso stunning these high waisted ripped skinnys are? OH MY GOD I AM IN LOVE!!! Ripped, torn and distressed jeans are everywhere at the moment but there is just something about these that I love and they only cost €36.46.
I love a slogan t-shot and this one is lazy day perfection. Effortless and casual but still quirky and cool. LOVE!

Even though I need to do a little work on my after baby bod before I would wear this bikini top I still think it is just soooo pretty. I love a halterneck bikini and the fitted detail is fab!!
Buy the top HERE.
Buy the bottoms HERE.
Even though footwear is excluded from their current 20% off sale I just had to show you all these gorgeous lace up hells. Bang on trend right now!!!
I love both of these floral sleeveless jackets. They have so much going on on their own that you could just fire them on over a vest top and jeans, little bit of jewellery and boom you're totes gorge. They are €30.85 each.

Buy the black one HERE.
Buy the white one HERE.

I just want to highlight that while I had ''Buy HERE'' wrote in various places on this post it was purely to make your life easier and not because I am getting any kind of commission or sponsorship from Lasula. I included it so that if you liked the look of something you could just click the link and instantly be brought to the item. 

Go easy on the credit cards now!!
Enjoy what is left of the long weekend.
Love Mel. x

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

REVIEW | Rimmel London Provoalips

What is it? A long lasting lip colour.

Where can I buy it? Rimmel stockists nationwide.

How much is it? RRP approx €8.99

I love lipstick...obviously. It was my love of lipstick that inspired one half of my blogs name. I am rarely to be seen without my lippie and to be honest it could be any colour under the sun!! I just love to have fun with it.

The Rimmel Provocalips ticks all the boxes for me. It's afforable, comes in stunning, vibrant colours and is sooooo incredibly long lasting. It's staying power is actually ridiculously good!! It is dual ended so one end is your colour and the other is a clear gloss. This clear gloss is going to be your new best friend and I will tell you why. When you first apply Provocalips it feels quite moisturing but within a few seconds it goes kinda tacky and becomes matte. Once this happens pop your clear gloss over it and voila, you have a gorgeous lip colour that just lasts and lasts.

Rimmel Provocalips in 'Little Minx'.

Pic source:

Throughout the day I ate a few times and drank lots of tea and coffee and my lip colour was still perfectly in place. Josh (my boyfriend) drives me to work in the mornings and I always kiss him goodbye. Usually he hates this because he gets lipstick all over his lips BUT not with Provocalips. Not even a little bit of it transfers. 

The only tiny little negative about it is that you will need to reapply the clear gloss two, maybe three times throughout the day just to stop your lips from drying out. This is no biggy though. I don't think anyone minds throwing on a little bit of clear gloss now and again. It doesn't require as much time and attention as a full on red lip for example. At the moment I have four of the provocalips but there is eight different shades available. I plan on collecting them all!!

Here is a closer look at my colours... 

'Little Minx'
'Play With Fire'
'Dare To Pink'
'Kiss Fatal'

Eat, Drink and kiss all you want and STILL have a flawless lip colour. What more could you want?? 

Thanks so much for reading. Pop by any of my social media sites (links below) if you have any questions or want to share the Provocalips love!!

Bye dolls. Chat soon!
Mel x

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Monday, 25 May 2015

REVIEW | W7 In The Mood Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette

W7 Cosmetics | In The Mood Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette

What is it? A nude eyeshadow palette

Where can I buy it? By clicking HERE or in selected pharmacies nationwide

How much is it? €5.95

For the past few weeks I have been trialing this nude eyeshadow palette from Simply Foxy and I am really liking it. As nude eyeshadow palettes go this is definitely up there in my favourites for both performance and selection of shades. From the pale nudes to chocolate browns to a deep intense black it really has everything you need to create both natural day time looks and more smokey night time looks.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Shrimp, Oops, Venice, Wink, Katie and Cargo

The colour pay off of the eyeshadows is quite impressive and they blend so easily. I was just using really affordable brushes from MUA Makeup Academy so nothing to fancy. Another thing I love about this palette is it's size. It's really compact and lightweight so it is very handbag friendly. The durable tin will ensure that they don't break in your bag. We have all been there and there is nothing worse. I am one of those women who has to bring all of my makeup with me 99% of the time...just incase!! 

I just honestly just cannot believe that this palette only costs €5.95. When you break it down that is less than €1.00 per eyeshadow. That's pretty amazing.

Have a great week guys.
Love Mel. x

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Sunday, 24 May 2015

REVIEW | My Hero Brush by Ciara Daly Makeup

What is it? Foundation brush.

Where can I buy one? OR

How much is it? €30.00

If there is one thing a girl can never have to much of it is foundation brushes. There are sooo many different kinds out there like stippling, flat top, buffing, angled etc. Sometimes it hard to know what one to go for. Other times your choice will depend on how much product you want to apply.

Today I am reviewing the ''My Hero Brush'' from It was sent to me for review by lovely Anita from new and exciting Irish beauty and health website Simply Foxy. Hailed ''the ultimate foundation brush'' I was so excited to try it out AND the postman arrived before had my foundation on so yay!!!! 

The packaging is so cute. It is so small, simple and girly. It is most definitely something that would catch my eye in a shop or if I was browsing online. The brush itself is incredibly light weight and the hairs on the brush are just so dense. This is my kind of makeup brush. I suppose the main reason why I love this brush is because it is so versatile. If I want a natural finish I just gently bounce my foundation into my skin with it but it is also perfect for building up coverage using upwards circular movements. 

The ''My Hero Brush'' can be used to apply foundation, BB creams or tinted moisturiser. Another huge plus for me is that the product wastage using this brush is minimal. Sometimes with flat foundation brushes the product can become lodged and get wasted. I hate when I am cleaning my foundation brushes and I am watching all my MAC or DIOR foundation just float down the drain. With the ''My Hero Brush'' you only use the very tips of the hairs so very little product is taken away and wasted. 

Earlier I posted a photo of the ''My Hero Brush'' to my facebook page and lots of you wrote to me saying how much you loved it!

  • ''Love this brush! Have mine 3 years and still in perfect condition (used every day)!!!'' - Laura
  • ''Best brush ever - bought some at Xmas for friends and they loved them too!!'' - Kayleigh 
  • ''At €30 it is one of the more expensive brushes I own but I love it. It makes my foundation look amazing and it's small enough to throw in my handbag.'' - Ciara

Because of it's size the ''My Hero Brush'' applied my foundation in seconds and the dense hairs gave such a flawless finish. It is without doubt my new go to brush for daytime looks or a more fuller coverage night time look. Remember this beauty when pay day comes around girls. Also Simply Foxy offer secure shopping and free shipping within Ireland when the order is more than €25.00.
Let me know if you try it out.
Love Mel x

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Monday, 18 May 2015

My Favourite Pixy Products

What is it? Pixy Natural Skincare is an Irish owned brand that use natural ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, coconut oil and many more to create gorgeous beauty products for face, hands and body. They have so many beautiful treats such as oils, scrubs, lip balms etc.

Where can I buy it? Pixy can be purchased online HERE and in selected pharmacies nationwide.

How much is it? All prices are attached to the images.

Whether you are looking for a little pick me up or a full on pamper night you need to get some Pixy Natural products. Please believe me when I say that they smell AMAZING. I wish there was a way you guys could rub the screen and smell the products! That would make it soooo much easier for me to explain just how incredible and luxurious these affordable products smell.

Spoiler alert but I LOVE the Pixy Cellulite Body Oil!!! I obviously use this on my body but I also love to add a small amount to some warm water and soak my hands in it. They feel so soft afterwards. The Pixy Cellulite Body Oil is infused with cypress essential oil to improve circulation, grapefruit essential oil to smooth cellulite and fennel essential oil which is known to rid the body of toxins and therefor help you battle the pain that is cellulite. Like with any body oils or creams you should really massage this in well using upward circular movements. A really great tip that Pixy give is to rub it between your hands and warm it up a little before's bliss!!!

Pixy Natural Cellulite Body Oil 40ml €9.95
Hands up who loves a bath bomb? If your hands aren't up then you are a liar!! :) The Pixy Natural aren't just any old bath bombs, these bad boys even have glitter on them!! How cute is that?? They have soooo many different scents available like tutti fruity, lavender, coconut, rosebud, honey and more. The one I was given to review was the tutti fruity one and it smells delish, kinda like a holiday smell. You know when you smell something and you don't know why but you're like ''mmmmh holidays''...well that happens me with the tutti fruity bath bomb. My other fav is coconut!! 

Pixy Natural Tutti Fruity Bath Bomb €3.45 each

The bath bombs also come in packs of three which make great gifts or extra special treats for yourself. You can check them out HERE.
Anyone who loves fake tan or has worn fake tan in the past will understand the absolute struggle of getting it off without leaving your skin red raw. The answer is the Pixy Natural Lime Body Scrubs!! Not only do they smell divine BUT they are the perfect exfoliator prior to tanning and your best friend for removing dodgy tan when the time comes. I was a lucky duck and was one of the first people to try out the new larger sized ones. This was a fantastic move on Pixy's behalf because now you can get a few uses out of the scrub. Everytime I walk into my bathroom I can smell mine. People often comment on how fresh my air freshener is and I'm like ''Girl no, that's my Pixy Stuff!!'' (LOL)!! 

Pixy Natural Lime Body Scrubs 90g €5.95
The Pixy Natural Soothing Body Palm is one of the products from the range that surprised me most because it reminded me of Decleor. For those of you who aren't familiar with Decleor it is a face and body range which is usually professionaly used and costs about ten times more than Pixy. I love the Decleor balms and I find this Pixy one to be really similar and just as luxurious!! As I am typing this I am having a gawk at the ingredients on the product... shea butter, cocoa butter, apricot oil, almond oil and many more. How fab does that sound? 

Initially the balm is kind of solid but when it makes contact with your skin it just melts in and feels divine!! Unlike other balms and oils the skin actually absorbs it quite fast. This is a huge plus when you want to put it on and get into your jammies.

Pixy Natural Soothing Body Balm 100ml €12.95

Ohh where to begin with the Pixy Muscle Soothing Bath Salts? Being a mammy, working full time and blogging means that I am always on the go!! I am up at 7am and I am lucky to be in bed by 11pm, that's going to bed early for me!! As a result I don't often allow myself time to relax or enjoy a bath BUT when I do this amazing magical powder comes out. Pixy recommend adding two tablespoons to running warm water, I'm usually bold and add about four but oh my god it is so good. I often get back pain particularly my lower back and I get great relief from the muscle soothing bath salts. 

Pixy Natural Muscle Soothing Bath Salts 350ml €9.95

This is the gorgeous Pixy Natural Skincare display in Brooks Pharmacy, Bandon, Co. Cork.
(Photo credit: Patrick Hogan)

Some pictures of other stunning products from the Pixy Natural Skincare range...

Pick up some Pixy!! You won't regret it!!
Have a great week.
Love Melissa x

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

REVIEW | TanOrganic Self Tanning Oil

What is it? A self tanning oil.

Where can I get it? Full list of stockists HERE

How much it is? RRP €24.99

A few weeks back the lovely crew over at TanOrganic sent me a parcel containing tan and chocolates. Even though it arrived at like 8am I was still bold and ate some of the chocolates!! I was so excited about trying out the tan so I waited for a big event so I could get some photos of me wearing it all dressed up. I decided to wear it to the SoSu Nail Collection launch.

The tan is unique in that it is the worlds first and only Eco certified, aloe vera based tan. I applied my TanOrganic with a tanning mitt BUT a mitt isn't even needed. Unlike other tans it can be applied with your hands and not leave behind any excessive, dark colour. The tan glided on and dried in so fast. I was amazed to be honest. It has little or no smell and the first layer is quite natural so it is perfect for someone with pale skin or for someone who isn't used to tanning. I applied a layer before bed and another layer the following morning and it gave me a gorgeous bronzed colour. There was no transfer whatsoever onto my pyjamas and Josh didn't even complain about the smell. 

The tan faded well in the days to follow. There was no need for moisturising. I reapplied the TanOrganic four days after my first application just to increase my colour and I had a stunning dark shade again. After this I just let the colour fade off and it faded really naturally. This is without doubt one of the most impressive tans I have ever used. Also it's worth mentioning that because this tan is so natural it is completely safe for you mums to be out there to use!!

Have a great Sunday everyone.
Happy tanning!!!
Love Mel. x

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Friday, 15 May 2015

REVIEW | SoSu Gel Polish

What is it? A 25 colour gel polish collection.

Where can I get it? Full list of stockists HERE.

How much is it? RRP €7.99 each.

Unless you have been living under a rock lately you will have heard of, seen or even used the new SoSu by blogger Suzanne Jackson gel polish collection. It is a 25 shade gel colour collection which will last up to seven days...pretty amazing for a nail polish! So does it last?? My answer is...YES! 

The SoSu by SJ gel polish collection display in my local pharmacy. It is so beautiful!!
So the day the SoSu gel polish was released I rushed to my local pharmacy and picked up 'Boss Bitch' and 'Rock Candy'. Rock Candy reminds me of my beloved CND Shellac Cakepop which is a stunning baby pink. I LOVE baby pink. If I ever get married my wedding will be baby pink everywhere. Anyway back to the polish...
This was my first time ever using the polish. I included a little pout to represent Lipstick And Louboutins Blog. Suzanne shared this photo across her social media sites and it got a HUGE response.

My application technique
  • I filed my nails using an OPI 240 grit file and gently buffed the surface of my nail with an OPI 220/280 buffer, just to add some shape and smooth the surface.
  • I applied my favourite base coat and allowed it four minutes to dry.
  • I then applied layer one of 'Rock Candy'. I found the coverage even with just one layer very impressive. I set a timer on my phone and let this layer dry for 3-4 minutes.
  • Even though it wasn't really needed, I applied a second layer just to get the proper gel look from the polish. I allowed this to dry also.
  • Finally I popped on my favourite top coat making sure to cap the free edge to prevent chipping.
Benefits of using a base coat
  • Helps to prevent potential staining of the nail plate.
  • Allows the polish to adhere better to the natural nail therefor increasing the longevity.
  • A base coat will smooth the surface of the nail and improve the overall look of the polish. 
  • A fortified base coat will improve your nails condition.
Benefits of using a top coat
  • Gives a high shine and glossy finish to your nail paint.
  • It helps your mani to stay fresh and neat for longer.
  • Helps to prevent chipping.
  • Hides minor faults like fingerprints or dent which may have occured while your colour layers were drying. 
Other tips to achieve a flawless long lasting nail paint would be to apply each layer thinly and allow each layer dry fully before applying the next. Like I mentioned above I usually set a timer on my phone and just paint my nails while Jake is sleeping and I am chilling watching my soaps!!

DAY ONE: Chip free and super shiny!!

DAY TWO: Still going strong!!!

DAY THREE: Usually it is around day three that a polish starts to go a bit dodge but no my SoSu Rock Candy is still going strong!!

DAY FIVE: Can you guys even believe this is day five?AMAZING!!

After five days and A LOT of typing, texting, baby bottle washing, till using, box opening, window cleaning, floor sweeping, flower planting and just general mammy duties my SoSu Rock Candy got the tiniest chip on day six on my index finger when I was chilling in The G Hotel. I was so devastated but also completely amazed that I had gotten six days from a nail polish!!!! To be honest I wasn't surprised it was this nail that chipped because a couple of months back an acrylic nail enhancement broke clean off my nail and left some damage. As a result nothing lasts very long since on my wonky nail.

If you haven't tried the SoSu gel polish yet my advice is grab it while you can because it is selling out fast everywhere!! My next purchase in the SoSu nail collection is going to be either 'Money Talks' or 'I Do'. This is only the beginning for what looks set to be an amazing brand!


As always thank you so much for reading.
Have a fabulous weekend!!
Love Mel x

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