Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The W7 Cosmetics Brow Parlour Is No Wow Parlour...

The W7 Cosmetics Brow Parlour Is No Wow Parlour... 

I hate doing negative reviews but this product really just wasn't good... I was so excited when it arrived. The packaging is cute and I love the durable tin it comes in with the little labels on each product inside but it is defo one of the worst brow products I have ever used and I have used a lot. 

The eyebrow wax is okay but like wax is wax, it can't really be bad can it? It's only job is to hold the brows in place! The highlighter is also okay, not amazing but it's okay... The problem is the brown shades for actually doing the shading in. There is little or no pigment in these. You really have to load up your brush and even then it doesn't go far. For example, doing one eyebrow I have to go back to the palette for more product atleast five times! 

In this picture I swatched the highligher, the medium brown and the dark brown. I ran my finger across the colour 4-5 times and this was the pay off I got...a little disappointing!!
Like I said from the off I really hate doing negative reviews. They don't happen often thank god but when I am not passionate about something or just simply didn't get good results, I cannot lie. I respect my followers and my blog way too much to do that. Also I really give products a good testing before decided whether I like, love or loath them. 

I would also like to highlight that W7 Cosmetics is a brand that I really, really like but their Brow Parlour and me just aren't meant to be together. If you have had a similar experience or even a positive one I would love to hear from you! 

Mel x

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