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Get to know your nails...

So you call up and want to book your nail appointment, seems straight forward eh? In most cases not so much. Suddenly it's like a questionnaire. ''So it is gel nails or gelish you are booking? Ohh gel nails so do you want polish or gel polish over them? Do you want nail art? Okay, nail art is an extra charge.'' etc. We have all been there, either as a client or a therapist... All of a sudden your simple phone call is now a crash course in nail treatments. Obviously both sides mean well and I know from my experience of working in salons that there are so many women out there who are unsure of how many different systems there are available. I love educating clients on the different types and today's blog post will hopefully help some of you guys out a little!

I am going to keep it as short, sweet and straight forward as possible.

Acrylic nails are usually but not always applied to a tip extension. They are amazing if you have short or bitten nails and have an occasion coming up where you want your nails to look their best. In basic terms your nail tech will mix a liquid and powder together on her brush to create a mixture which will be applied to your nail and the extension if there was one used. This will create the nail enhancement and add strength. Acrylic hardens when it is exposed to the air. It will then be buffed and filed to perfection by your nail tech. 

Overtime acrylics will grow with your natural nail and you will notice a gap between the nail colour and your cuticle area. This is perfectly normal and you will need to book your refills to have this gap filled if you intend on keeping your acrylics. Your nail tech will gently file down the existing acrylic and refill your nails from your cuticle area to the free edge. 

NOTE: Acrylics have quite a strong odor while they are being applied but this isn't harmful, providing the room you are in is well ventilated. Professional removal is advised.

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Like acrylic nails, gel nails can also but not always be applied to a nail tip to add length and/or shape to the nail. However unlike acrylics gel nails need to cure under a UV or LED light (each brand guidelines vary). This hardens the product and creates your enhancement. There is next to no odor during the application process of gel nails. 

Similar to acrylics, overtime your gel nails will grow along with your natural nail and it to will require refills. When you will need refills totally depends on how fast your nails grow but usually it is in or around the three week mark. 

NOTE: Gel nails and gel polish are two totally different treatments. Professional removal is advised.

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This really is the big one. The world and it's mother has or have used a gel polish. A gel polish is applied to either your natural nail or over a gel/acrylic enhancement. Usually it involves a base coat, two layers of colour and a top coat. Additional layers may be needed for coverage on paler shades but this is okay once they are applied thin. Each layer is cured under a UV or LED light depending on product guidelines and you are left with a manicure that is 100% dry and smudge proof leaving the salon. Gel polish usually lasts between 2-3 weeks, again this depends on which brand you are using. Your nail tech will be able to advise you on how long the product should last. 

Gel polish also grows along with your natural nail and when you decide to have a colour change it is simply soaked off in minutes by your nail tech and the fresh colour reapplied.

NOTE: There are soooo many different gel polish out there that it would be impossible for me to go through them all but my favourites are Gelish, Perfect Match and OPI Gelcolour. Professional removal is advised.

CND Shellac is commonly mistaken as a gel polish when infact it is professionally known as a power polish. It is extra special in that it is porous and allows cuticle oil and/or hand cream to pass through it and reach the natural nail. 

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Gel Look Nail Polish
This is where it can get tricky because people often confuse gel polish with gel look nail polish. A gel look nail polish is basically a regular nail varnish which may contain some properties which would cure/harden with natural light to make your home polish last that little bit longer. It is not the same as a gel polish which requires a UV or LED light to cure. 

UPKEEP: There is little or no upkeep with a gel look nail polish other than applying cuticle oil to the nails and cuticles to help prevent dehydration of the nail plate. 

NOTE: Gel look nail polish can be removed using regular nail varnish remover. 

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I LOVE this nail polish so soooo much. I really feel like it is totally unique and that is why it is getting it's own special little mention. Unlike other polishes CND Vinylux does not require a base coat as it is self adhering and doesn't stain the nail plate. For best results apply to coats of color followed by the CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat. CND Vinylux dries fully in under ten minutes and is chip free and has a high shine for up to a week afterwards. Pretty amazing for a nail polish!!!

CND Vinylux is removed using regular nail varnish remover. 

Nails is something I LOVE and something my followers really love to. I want to do some more nail related posts in the future so watch this space.

If you have any questions pop a comment below or contact me via email lipstickandlouboutinsblog@gmail.com

Mel x

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