Sunday, 8 March 2015

The NUPO Diet.

What is NUPO?
NUPO (nutritional powder) is stocked in pharmacies and it is used to help lose weight in a healthy way. It is ideal for someone who wants to lose a small bit of weight before a wedding or a holiday. I decided to do it because I have a small amount of baby weight I wouldn't mind shifting!! To be honest I don't have a huge interest in diet or weight loss but after doing the training with these guys I was interested to see if it worked. Myself and a work colleague undertook the NUPO challenge together.
Basically you first decide if you want to do the two day NUPO diet or the weekly one. We decided to do the two day one first to get to grips with it. NUPO can be taken in either shake or soup format. We both decided to do strawberry shakes. I think that much soup would be sickening. You either drink six shakes/soups a day OR five shakes/soups and one NUPO meal replacement bar. With the two day diet you also have the option to eat you evening meal if you like. With the weekly one you are still allowed your food but it much be kept under ten bricks.

What are NUPO bricks?
NUPO bricks are a guideline as to the fat, sugar etc. content in certain food items. It is similar to Weight Watchers points. Because we done the two day challenge the brick system didn't apply to us but it's an eye opener in regards to how unhealthy some things are.

While on the two day NUPO diet you can drink as much water, tea, coffee and sugar free drinks as you like. You can also chose to have your evening meal if you like. It is advisable to drink as much liquids as possible to keep the possible side effects of headaches at bay. We were drinking the strawberry milkshakes which are so yummy. It is 300ml of water with one pouch of NUPO powder or you can use 200-250ml of water and one NUPO pouch for a thicker, more fuller shake. You can also blend in your own fresh fruit of you wish.

I decided to drink five shakes, eat one NUPO meal replacement bar and have my evening meal. My work colleague decided to go hard core and drink six shakes only along with her coffee and water intake. I lost just over a pound and my work colleague lost almost three pounds. I think that's pretty amazing considering it was only two days. While I would have eaten more on the NUPO diet, I never felt hungry. The shakes, soups and bars are designed to give you the correct amount of nourishment and levels of fat, salts etc. you should be taking in.

Since the NUPO diet I do feel more energetic. I have decided to make an effort to get my five a day and my two litres of water daily. Yesterday for breakfast I had my own smoothie which contained strawberries, a banana, mixed forest fruit and some low fat natural yoghurt. For my lunch I had my own homemade soup, carrot and parsnip with a small bit of onion and it was yummy. I will admit I did have a bold Chinese take away last night but it was my end of week treat.

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I will 100% use NUPO again in the future.



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