Thursday, 26 February 2015

Mel's February Favourites

I literally cannot believe February is gone and it is monthly favourites time again. Madness!! I hope all you lovely ladies were spoiled on Valentines day by your significant others or even a little treat you got yourself. 

My amazing PR peeps sent me this hairbrush and I am forever grateful. I have really long thick hair that tends to knot and tangle especially when it is wet so it was always difficult to brush. The Boots Ingredients Coconut leave in conditioner did work but it wasn't always practical. The wet brush glided through my hair with ease. The bristles are thin and really flexible but still strong enough to work through your knotty hair. You can buy The Wet Brush HERE and you can check them out on Facebook HERE

As a nail technician I am extremely fussy about nail products but this gel nail lacquer from IsaDora is one of the best I have ever used. It glided on, dried pretty fast and was so super shiny. The shade I used in the photo below is 220 Classy Nude and it is the PERFECT shade of nude polish. I have been on the search for the right one for months and I finally found it in the bottom of my Into The West Blogger Network goodie bag. You can find your nearest IsaDora stockist HERE.

Another gem from my Into The West Blogger Network goodie bag is the NeoStrata Ultra Brightening Cleanser from their Enlighten range. I was lucky enough to have been sent some serum samples from the Enlighten range so I was able to give it a good trial. I love the creamy, pearl look of the cleanser and it lathered up really well. It's two weeks later and my skin feels amazing. It feels almost resurfaced and refreshed. It is formulated to stimulate cell renewal while gently cleansing your skin. 

When it comes to tanning it doesn't really get much better than Karora Cosmetics. The Karora PR sent me a selection of their products to review and this was my favourite of the lot. It gives a beautiful colour while still looking natural. I used an oil free moisturiser daily to ensure an even fade. It smells fab to! Karora Tinted Self Tan Mist can be purchased HERE.

That concludes my February favourites. I know it is only for products but I only want to include the best of the best! Anyone who follows my social media sites will know I have BIG news coming soon. I cannot wait to tell you all about it.

Lots of love
Mel x

Monday, 23 February 2015

Get The Glow | Mel's Fav Highlighters

I love highlighters all year round. I love them in Spring Summer because they give your skin the most gorgeous dewy, fresh glow and I love them Autumn Winter because they add that touch of shimmer to your makeup application. My favourite place to wear my highlighters is on along the very top of my cheekbones. They can be worn with or without makeup to light up and brighten the face. I love when I am taking my makeup of the day selfies or just looking in the mirror and I can see my highlighter glowing!

So Where Should I Apply My Highlighter?

FOREHEAD - This only applies to a non shimmery highlighter. What I like to use is a cream concealer that is two shades lighter than my foundation and apply it in the centre of my forehead and blend it upwards and outwards so that it looks like natural light diffusing.

EYEBROWS - You can use either the same cream concealed here or you can use a shimmery highlighter. It is totally up to you. Sometimes I use a very light eyeshadow or my NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil. Highlighting this area gives extra definition to your brows and will also give you a chance to perfect the line where you were shading your eyebrows.

INNER EYES - Applying a highlighter next your tear ducts will make your eyes look wide awake and bigger.

NOSE - To draw attention to the centre of your face you should apply a highlighter or an illuminating powder to the bridge of your nose.
CUPIDS BOW - For the appearance of fuller lips apply a little highlighter to your cupids bow.
CHIN - Finish off your flawless, shimmery glow by applying highlighter or an illuminating powder in a circular motion on your chin.
Mel's Favourite Highlighter's
- Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up -
- MeMeMe Cosmetics Beat The Blues Skin Illuminator -
- Isadora Face Sculptor -
I have only just started using this so I don't have any pics but it is amazing!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found some helpful tips.
Until next time...
Mel x

Friday, 13 February 2015

Why Should I Use A Primer?

A vital part of makeup application that is often forgotten or ignored by some is using a primer. Often times this is purely because people may not realise how important it is and what a difference it can make to the finished result of your makeup.


SEALS PORES - If you have quite large wide open pores across your nose and cheeks (like me) then you will hugely benefit from a primer. The primer will fill in your pores and allow your foundation to sit flawlessly on top. NYX do a really fab pore filler one and I am LOVING No7 Airbrush Away at the mo.

SMOOTHENS/SOFTENS THE SKIN - A primer will give an overall smoother and healthier appearance to your skin. I love ones that have a gel, silicone or creamy consistency that feel like silk on my skin. Believe me, this will make an instant improvement to how your foundation looks.

NON-COMEDOGENIC - MOST primers are non-comedogemic which means they won't cause your skin to break out or become irritated so even the most sensitive of skins or acne prone skin can benefit from using a primer.

ANTI-AGING - There is currently a lot of primers on the market that specifically target anti aging and/or the early signs of aging. Like with the pores, a gel or silicone based primer will fill in the fine lines and mild wrinkles. This will instantly give your finished makeup look a youthful appearance.

INCREASES LONGEVITY OF MAKEUP - This is perhaps the most obvious reason and is why most of us used or purchased a primer. A primer will act as a barrier against dust, water, debris and prevent your makeup from wearing off.


REDUCES REDNESS - I often get a small amount of redness on my cheeks and at my nose. I use a green concealer everyday to combat this but if you suffer with a general all over redness then you can get a primer specifically for this. Catrice Cosmetics do a beautiful one.

ALL SKIN TYPES - Primers suit all skin types and all skin tones. They are usually transparent so it is easy to select one. You don't need to go colour matching like with a foundation.

My top three primers at the moment are Benefit Cosmetics Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer, No7 Instant Illusions Airbrush Away Primer and MAC Cosmetics Strobe Cream. Technically MAC Cosmetics Strobe Cream isn't advertised as a primer BUT it works amazingly well as one and has the most beautiful glow. There is currently a lot of hype over a Boots Botanicals Radiance Balm being a great dupe for it so I hope to try that soon.

I hope you guys found this blog post informative and helpful. It is one I have been jotting notes down for, for a while now. Let me know if you have any questions at any of my social media handles (links below) or you can email



Wednesday, 11 February 2015

ITWBN - Into The West Blogger Network (The Blogging Family)!

ITWBN is an event created by Sinead Carroll from Yummy Mummy blog and Saibh Egan photographer joined her to make a killer combo! The idea behind it is to allow bloggers and aspiring bloggers meet up, mingle, swap tips etc. It began as something small and has become this huge sold out event!


So I had never been to ITWBN before and the last time I was in Galway was for a school tour so I had no idea where I was going. I just thought buy a ticket and figure it out later. I ordered my outfit and shoes and excitement grew as the day became closer and closer. I was living my life for ITWBN!! I did feel a little nervous but I already knew some of the bloggers attending quite well so that made it easier.

So the day finally came and I was up at the crack of dawn to grab a train. It was so dark I had no natural light to do my makeup in...the struggle was real. After a long five hour journey I landed and instantly felt welcome and at home with amazing and like minded people. There was some great talks on the day including a very inspirational and admirable speech from Cocoa Brown's Kate Kelly and I can't not mention the infamous and fabulously cheeky Galway Player. He had us in stitches!!!
For me the best part of the day was mingling and chatting. Can you believe it? Me..loving the chats?? Lol! I met lots of lovely bloggers and got to reunite with some blogger friends which was fantastic. It is very surreal because you are so used to seeing beauty bloggers selfies when all of a sudden you are chatting them. It's as if they come to life infront of you!! The venue for the event was the Radisson Galway which is a classy and stunning hotel. There was no shortage of food and it was cute, girly & delicious.


My LBD is a recent purchase from Missguided and my shoes are also a recent purchase from Penneys. I kept my accessories and my makeup very casual and understated as I wanted it to look classic and also because I had never been to ITWBN I didn't know what was too much or not enough. I just kinda thought "Melissa you can't go wrong with an LBD!!''
Lets just say we were spoiled!! The goodie bag was so incredibly generous. I cannot wait to trial and review all the products.

I am already so excited for and outfit planning for May. Sinead and Saibh are two amazing women!
I love my blogging family!!
Melissa x

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