Friday, 2 January 2015


Hey girly girlies!!

So today's blog post is a review of the KARORA Self Tan Mist which was very kindly sponsored to me for review on Lipstick And Louboutins. Just to add that just because I was given this product does not mean I am going to lie to you all about it. I respect my blog and my followers too much to do that so I am always honest.

Anyway, I used the KARORA Self Tan Mist all over Christmas and I really, really like it. KARORA is an irish brand that always has this beautiful, eyecatching purple packaging. I first saw and used it as a beauty expedition in Dublin in 2010 and love it ever since. When you are spraying the actual product itself onto your skin the actual mist itself is quite direct which for me anyway is a huge plus because it isn't going all over your bedroom, bathroom or wherever. It also means that the tan is actually being applied to your skin and not evaporating for want of a better word.

The KARORA Self Tan Mist gives a light bronzed shade right away and this develops to a slightly darker shade over the next eight hours or so. You do need to avoid water contact so my advice would be to apply it before bedtime and allow it develop while you sleep. You will wake up looking like you have spent a week in the sun. I love that feeling. Personally I think everything like clothes, your figure etc looks much better when you are tanned.

The Karora Self Tan Mist dries pretty fast which is good. I applied it using the KARORA velour tan mitt which is the holy grail of tanning mitts. Because it is velour and not made of that spongey stuff it lasts longer, washes better and doesn't soak up lots of your product. I kept my KARORA tan moisturised using Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip and removed it easily using Jack Wills Body Wash and some exfoliation gloves. I also love how it just naturally got lighter after each of my showers and just gradually faded rather than go all patchy and horrible.

KARORA Self Tan Mist can be purchased in all Sam McCauleys chemists and many other independent pharmacies and beauty salons natiowide.

I have more KARORA products to trial and review so keep an eye out for them!

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PLEASE NOTE: The product used in this blog post was kindly sponsored to me by Karora Cosmetics however as I mentioned above this in no way changes my views or opinions. I am always 100% honest.



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