Monday, 19 January 2015

REVIEW | Karora CC Cream

REVIEW | Karora CC Cream
I have never used a product like the Karora CC Cream before. CC for those of you who have never heard of it stands for colour correcting. The Karora CC Cream is part of the new Karora Get Glo Fabulous range and is both waterproof and transfer resistant which is a huge plus. It can be used on both the body and the face to cover things like varicose veins, acne, red or blotchy skin, bruises, cellulite etc.

I used the Karora CC Cream all over my body and I love it. I wouldn't class it as a fake tan. It is more like a tinted moisturiser with amazing coverage and just a hint of colour. It is perfect for girls who wouldn't usually wear a tan or for tan wearers as an everyday skin corrector. It's like your own skin only healthier looking.

I think the pictures speak for themselves on how well it works. The top picture is before and the bottom is after... obviously. The picture below shows one leg with the CC Cream and one leg without. Place excuse my sock lines. The socks were right up today because it was sooo cold. I waited ages for them to reduce down and they wouldn't and I was dying to get my Karora on. Irish girl problems eh??
In the photo above, the blotchy redness you can see on my right leg was all over my left knee to and the CC Cream blended it away. Finally below are my finishing results. The Karora CC Cream dries in quite fast and it smells gorgeous!!! My boyfriend thinks it smells like strawberry jelly...MEN! Excuse my night dress but I just have to show off my pins!!!
Karora CC Cream is available in Lloyd's Pharmacy, Sam McCauleys, McCabes and other independent pharmacies nationwide for €24.99 for a 100ml bottle.
Give it a try!
I can promise you that you have never tried anything like it before!
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