Tuesday, 13 January 2015

REVIEW | Cocoa Brown 1Hr Tan Mousse Dark Shade

When Cocoa Brown first brought out their original 1hr tan we all rejoiced. A new exciting Irish brand of tan with no smell and pink packaging... we loved it! However for some of us ladies we needed just something a little darker. Personally I love both shades as the darkness of my tan would depend on where I am going and/or what I plan on wearing. So all you ladies who like a good deep bronzed glow read on...
So yesterday (24hours prior to tanning) I showered and done whatever hair removal needed to be done and then I used the Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff Body Scrub to prepare my skin for tanning. You can read my full Tough Stuff review here. http://www.lipstickandlouboutins.ie/2014/01/cocoa-brown-tough-stuff-review.html
Today about 30 minutes before I applied my Cocoa Brown tan I used their Chocolate Whip Oil Free Body Moisturizer on my hands, knees, elbows, ankles and feet to ensure an even application and no over gathering of product. I LOVE the fact that this product is oil free because a product which contains oil will form a barrier between your tan and your skin. A product which contains oil may also effect the results of your application and/or the longevity of your tan. So thank you Cocoa Crown for a fab moisturizer that smells of chocolate.

So now hair free and moisturised I am ready to get my Cocoa Brown bronze on. I applied the product using a tanning mitt and it went on pretty easy and blended well. It does have a smell but it's mild and pleasant. It gave a colour instantly which is good because you can see how much and where you have applied it. In my photos of me holding the bottles above I am wearing the Cocoa Brown Mousse. Isn't it stunning?

After application I put on my pyjamas and waited the one hour for my tan to develop. I felt like the pyjamas had to be pink in support of Cocoa Brown. Those ladies LOVE pink!!
So one hour went by and here are some pics of my tan...
Over the next week or so I will reapply the Cocoa Brown Oil Free Chocolate Whip Body Moisturiser to insure an even fade and to increase the longevity of my tan. It will also make sure my skin stays well hydrated and super smooth. When it comes to removing my tan I will use the Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff Body Scrub again, it never fails me.
I hope you all enjoyed this blog post.
Happy tanning!




  1. I love the dark brown one too, but can only get away with it in the Summer. I use the regular 1hr every week and love it. Ive never tried the oil free moisturiser so must pick that up too.


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