Sunday, 4 January 2015

Q&A With Mel | Part One

What is your favourite foundation?
My favourite foundation is without doubt the Catrice Cosmetics Nude Illusion. It just ticks all the boxes for me. It has great coverage, a good colour selection, it's long lasting and it so affordable. I can't remember the exact price but it was in or around €8.

The skin around my nose is red, how can I camouflage it?
Before applying foundation apply a small amount of green concealer to the red area. Green will cancel out red. You can apply layers of foundation until the cows come home but only a green concealer will properly camouflage it. Catrice Cosmetics do a stunning concealer palette with five different shades.

What is your favourite lipstick brand?
It's very hard to pick just one. If I had to narrow it down to three I would say Smashbox, NYX Cosmetics and MAC Cosmetics. The Smashbox literally just doesn't budge, it stays in place all day long. I like NYX because their lipsticks also last really well and are extremely affordable. Finally I like the MAC ones because of the wide range of colours MAC have. It's my favourite part of Brown Thomas.

What skincare products would I recommend that is affordable enough for students?
My favourite affordable skincare range is Garnier. I always use their toner as I find it leaves my skin perfectly clean but without that tight feeling. They have a wide variety of products and you can actually purchase the cleanser, toner and moisturizer to suit your skin type whether it's oily, combination, dry or whatever. Diet and exercise along with the correct products are vital to achieving good skin. Eating fatty or high sugar content foods will only bring on breakouts, oilyness etc.

Can you recommend a good gradual tan for going away?
At the moment I am testing out the Karora gradual tan for review and I really like it. I have three layers on at the moment and have a good healthy looking bronzed glow. It has a very mild smell which is a bonus and because it's a gradual moisturizer you don't have to be as precise with the application as you would a fake tan. It's fading slightly after each shower which is normal and it remains really even. It is defo a product I will repurchase and use again.

What are your goals for 2015?
From a blogging point of view my goals for 2015 are to make an effort to attend more blogger events so I can meet more of the lovely bloggers that I often chat online. Their is an extremely friendly vibe amongst bloggers and it's so nice to meet the people behind the posts. I just want Lipstick And Louboutins to keep growing and growing and helping some people out along the way. This is going to sound like a total random thought but I would love my own page or piece in a magazine. One of my favourite magazines out there is Stellar. It would be a dream come through. I have some exciting things lined up with brands that I can't share with you guys just yet but I will soon.

What can I use to get a glow back into my skin?
My favourite product for adding a glow to my skin is the MAC Strobe Cream. Its a fab product that doubles up as a primer and will last you ages. Another product that has made a massive difference to the appearance and healthy look to my skin is the Forever Living Sonya Serum. It feels so soft and silky when you are applying it. Its the most luxurious part of my skincare regime.

What is your favourite colour lipstick?
My favourite lipstick shade is Saint Germain by MAC Cosmetics. It is the first MAC lipstick I ever bought and I think it will forever be my favourite. Its a super girly baby pink shade. I think I am on like my fourth one now!

What is your favourite hair product?
My favourite hair product is the Aussie three minute miracle conditioners. They are a proper little pamper product that always leave my hair smooth, soft and super shiny.

What is your favourite beauty product of all time?
This is an extremely difficult question. What do I go for? The tan, the eyebrows, the lips?? Its such a tough choice but if I had to pick just one product it would be the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. I don't think it can be beaten for how amazing it makes your skin look after only a few uses. Its such a soft and gentle scrub that leaves my skin feeling amazing and refreshed. Yeah, that's defo my fab. I would miss it loads!!

There is a few questions I didn't get to answer but don't worry I will do another question and answers post soon. I hope you all find something in this that you can take away.

Love & happiness.


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