Tuesday, 6 January 2015

My Top Three Nail Polish Brands

My Top Three Nail Polish Brands

Today's blog post is on my favourite nail polish brands. I am qualified for the past five years as both a beauty therapist and a nail technician so I have a mountain of knowledge particularly with nails. I have tried 100's down through the years. It was actually sooooo hard to narrow it down to three but I managed it.

Essence Cosmetics Nail Polish
So coming in third place is the Essence range. They retail at approximately €1.29 each and Essence have such a massive range of colours available. Granted now they don't last as long as other brands but aren't they grand for someone who can only wear polish now and again or if you needed an unusual colour to match a debs dress or a wedding guest outfit. It's also really easy to build up a beautiful display of them in your bedroom or bathroom because of the affordable price tag.

Model's Own Hypergel
I bought my first one of these only recently off a girl on DEPOP for €3. Bargain!!! It was a stunning fuchsia pink that I put on my toes and it looked exactly like shellac. It has the same smooth look and stunning shine. Don't get me wrong if you used it on your hands it wouldn't last as long as shellac but that's because it is a polish lol!! Polish lasts forever on your toes though so happy days! Oh and for anyone who doesn't know what DEPOP is it is an app where you can connect with other users and buy their second hand or pre loved items. I find great bargains on it. If you want to gollow me just search @melissamo.
Vinylux Weekly Polish
In first place and as far as I'm concerned is the best nail polish ever is CND Vinylux Weekly Polish. I work with this a lot in my job as a nail technician and it is nothing short of amazing. It comes in a wide range of colours and also comes in the very same shades as the infamous CND shellac. It doesn't require a base coat as it is self adhering and non staining. When you use it with the CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat you will get at least seven flawless days of colour. Because it is just a regular polish it removes easily with nail polish remover. Amazing product!!! Oh and it dries fully in under ten minutes! Happy days!
What are your favourite nail polish brands?
Let me know!
Love and happiness.



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