Sunday, 11 January 2015

My Favourite Blogs

My Favourite Blogs

Recently Leanne from Blather And Beauty done a post about her favourite blogs and included me. I was so delighted that I decided to keep the smiles and happiness going. So in no particular order here are my favourite blogs.
Just Jordan x 
I started following Lisa's blog almost a year ago and I love it. She's like a real life Barbie doll it's gas!!! Her videos have me in stitches laughing. She really comes across as such a down to earth girl. There are only very few blogs I check daily and Just Jordan is one of them! She is a fellow Cork girrrrl that I hope to bump into someday.
The Beautiful Truth
The Beautiful Truth is just that... the truth. Sinead is a blogger after my own heart because she either loves the product or hates them and is always honest in her reviews. She is a pro at applying makeup. Her photos are always so elegant and professional looking. Her website has such a cute and quirky design.
Love Lauren
Lauren Arthurs is another fellow Cork girl with AMAZING style! Seriously, I want her wardrobe... and her figure. I also love her hair. I keep threatening to give my hair the chop and I get more and more tempted looking through her pictures. I have never met Lauren but I hope to someday to get some fashion tips and advice from her. Her OOTD photos are always stunning.
So Sue Me Blog

When it comes to blogging you can't not mention Suzanne Jackson and her infamous So Sue Me which is practically a brand now. I had the pleasure of meeting her during the Summer and the Aussie and blog awards and she was so lovely. She took lots of time out to talk to me even though I was being a crazy superfan. "What would So Sue Me do? is a phrase that regularly goes through my mind. She grabbed blogging and gave it hell in her own unique way which is exactly what I plan on doing.

Makeup by Rubysue

Last but most defo not least is the lovely Susan from Makeup by Rubysue. I met Susan during the Summer at a blogger event and she was so nice to talk to and so down to earth. Susan is the first fellow blogger I ever spoke to and I am delighted I introduced myself to her. I remember her saying that she doesn't spend ages posing for her photos, she just takes a quick snap and posts it. I admire her for this because her photos are always fabulous!! A lovely blogger that I am looking forward to meeting again.

These are literally just a few of my favourite blogs. I also love From Matte To Metallic, Blogging It Beautiful, La Belle Mama, Love By Debs and Hearts, Heels And Handbags.
Sending love to all my fellow bloggers and our respective readers.





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