Sunday, 11 January 2015

Mini Penneys Mullingar Haul

Penneys Mullingar Haul

I went on a little shopping spree in Penneys Mulligar yesterday. I didn't get loads and they are all only small bits but I got some great bargains and picked up some Penneys beauties that I wanted to share with you all.

I LOVE these individual eyelashes from Penneys. I always stock up on them when I am in there. They come in clusters of three which you can seperate or apply as a little trio. I always apply them as a trio as they go on much faster then. I never use the glue that comes with them so I don't know what it's like. I always use DUO Adhesive to apply my lashes. DUO adhesive can be purchased in MAC in Brown Thomas, some Boots and independent pharmacies nationwide.

Lots of new shoes for Mel. The navy and white ones are an instant purchase everytime I go to Penneys. I wear them out so I'm always buying more of them. I have wanted the leopard print ones for ages so I am delighted to finally get them!

I have this bra on right now and OH MY GOD it is soooo comfy and the packaging doesn't lie. It makes the girlos look great!! :) I was so embarrassed when I came home and read the packaging. I needed a new bra and just grabbed one in my size...I'm delighted with it now.

A Batman travel other half and his Batman loving ways are rubbing off on me!!

These handbags were only €2 each!! Sure I couldn't leave them behind. They are a nice everyday handbag and a nice neutral colour.

If you read my recent skincare post you will know that my Dermalogica products are massive so these bad boys are so handy for nights or trips away. 

This adorable little hat was only €1!! There was lots of colours and styles but of course I went with the leopard print!! I have leopard print problemos.

New niknaks...another Penneys essential buy! Also more leopard print and Batman!! :)

Three pairs of tights for €4...BARGAIN!

Other than that I stocked up on a load of vest tops as you can never have enough of them. I also bought the Penneys Makeup Brush Cleaning Spray but I hated it!

I will hopefully post more hauls soon.
Until then chat soon guys!

Love Mel x



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