Thursday, 1 January 2015

Feck Off Fake Tan!!

Feck Off Fake Tan

My Tips & Tricks For Removing Stubborn, Unwanted Fake Tan!

So first and foremost I would like to wish a happy new year to anyone who sees this. I hope 2015 bring lots of love, health and happiness to you and your loved ones!

The first blogpost of 2015 is on fake tan removal and what works for me. Nodody likes that shower where you nearly grow biceps from scrubbing and end up with quite red and uncomfortable skin. I'm going to try help you ladies out. The title I chose is perhaps a little cheeky but I want my blog to reflect me and my personality. I am just a regular down to earth girly documenting my beauty experience, tips and advice and I want that to come across in my posts. No doubt many of you were out last night and are now a little worse for wear after it so wrap up under a blankie, grab some tea and enjoy.

Just for LOLs

I'm starting with this product purely because it was my inspiration for the post. I used this in the shower last night with a pair of exfoliation gloves and it removed my fake tan with ease. I was actually amazed!! Suprisingly and strangely enough it was 10 times better than the Jack Wills Body Scrub which I found to be to creamy and it lacked that little grittiness.
My Jack Wills Body Wash came as part of the Boots weekend essentials star buy which you can purchase on the Boots website RRP €40.00 WAS €82.00

Tough Stuff is an old reliable and without doubt a favourite of mine. Irish brand Cocoa Brown has taken the beauty world by storm with it's wide range of tanning and preperation products. I have never known a brand to be so girly and so pink obsessed, it's fab! Anyways Tough Stuff is a doubly whammy. Not only does is gently and effectively remove false tan but it can also be used prior to tanning (atleast 24 hours ideally) to make your skin soft, smooth and ready to be bronzed! Without doubt, Tough Stuff is a must have in all false tan users showers.
Cocoa Brown Tough stuff is available in Penneys/Primark or you can purchase it online on Cloud10 Beauty. Cocoa Brown is also available in some independent pharmacies, Tesco and Dunnes Stores nationwide. RRP 50ml sachet €2.99 or a 200ml (pictured below) for €7.99

If you are in an emergency and don't have the above products and don't have a way of getting them then I have found that a shower gel with some kind of grain or grit to it and some exfoliation gloves will do the trick. You can make your own gritty shower gel by adding a small amount of brown sugar to your favourite one. Also one of my friends, I won't embarrass her and name her but she once got a spray tan that was so bad she used a peppermint foot scrub to get it off. I was there, ready and waiting to laugh but it worked. However her skin was a little tender afterwards.

Feel free to comment below with methods that have removed your false tan in the past. Between us all we will win the battle of a girl vs her dodgy tan!! So it is now 4:26am and I am going to schedule this post so technically you are all reading this in the future!! Lol.

As always thank you for reading.
Love & happiness
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