Thursday, 4 December 2014

REVIEW | Real Techniques Make-Up Brushes

Real Techniques Stippling Brush 

This was the first ever Real Techniques brush I bought. Originally I was applying my foundation with it but after a few days discovered it is so much better for applying a primer, a bb cream or a tinted moisturiser. My foundation was a little to heavy for it. It actually states this on the packaging but in typical Mel fashion it was a grab and go situation. The pink is soooo cute and it's extremely lightweight. LOVE IT!! 

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush 

I had read so many reviews of fellow bloggers and makeup artists raving about this brush so I decided to give it a go. It is much more suited to a medium to full coverage look than the stippling brush. In other words it's my new best friend!! It gives an amazingly smooth and high definition finish. It's without doubt a must have for all makeup lovers makeup bags. 

Real Techniques Powder Brush 

When it comes to powder brushes in my opinion the bigger and fluffier the better!! The hairs on this brush as with the others is so dense that it gives a flawless finish to your makeup base. It's surprisingly lightweight considering how big and puffy it is. If it was any bigger I would lie down and give it a cuddle! :) 

Real Techniques Foundation Brush 

So I kinda break the rules with this one. I don't use it as a foundation brush. I like to use it for cream contouring particularly underneath my cheekbone. The slanted shape and narrow style of the brush make it perfect for this job! Not an essential but still a nice little addition to any makeup bag. 

Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush

Last but definitely not least is the silicone liner brush. This is my favourite of the whole lot!! I have tried sooooo many eyeliners and eyeliner applicators down through the years and this beats them all hands down. It has made eyeliner application 100 times easier for me. I've even gotten more adventurous with the styles and ways I apply my eyeliner. Sure I think I'm Leonardo DiVinchi... of eye makeup!! :) 

I hope you enjoyed my review of my Real Techniques brushes. It's safe to say I LOVE THEM

Thanks for reading! 
Mel xx 

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